What happens if you leave Threads in the Following feed?

Meta’s Threads app, a platform for sharing photos, videos, and status updates with close friends, has recently introduced a much-needed Following feed that displays posts in reverse-chronological order.

This feature aims to provide users with an alternative view to the algorithmically sorted “For You” feed that has been the default experience since the app’s launch.

However, the default behavior of Threads has sparked some debate among users, with the Following feed occasionally being hidden and the app reverting back to the “For You” feed after reopening.

In this article, we explore the implications of this default behavior and examine its significance in the context of Threads’ objectives.

The Importance of the Following Feed:

The addition of the Following feed in Threads is a welcome change for users who prefer to see posts in the order they were shared, making it easier to catch up on the latest updates from their close friends.

By showing posts in reverse-chronological order, the Following feed allows users to stay up-to-date with real-time content without the algorithmic curation that often prioritizes popular or engagement-driven posts.

This chronological organization is especially valuable for those who use Threads to keep tabs on friends’ daily activities and stories, providing a more authentic and unfiltered experience.

The Default “For You” Feed:

Despite the benefits of the Following feed, Threads defaults to the “For You” feed when users open the app.

This algorithmically sorted feed is designed to display content based on individual preferences, engagement history, and other data points.

The intention behind the “For You” feed is to curate a personalized experience that keeps users engaged and encourages longer app usage.

However, some users find this approach limiting, especially if they prefer a more straightforward, chronological view of posts.

Understanding the Design Choice:

A Meta spokesperson, Seine Kim, clarified that the “For You” feed is the intended default experience when opening Threads.

This design choice is strategic, aligning with the app’s objectives of creating a personalized and engaging user experience.

By prioritizing the “For You” feed, Threads aims to retain users’ attention by showing them content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

This approach mirrors other social media platforms that prioritize algorithmically curated feeds to optimize user engagement and retention.

User Feedback and Future Updates:

The default behavior of Threads has garnered mixed responses from users. While some appreciate the “For You” feed’s personalized content, others express frustration over the periodic hiding of the Following feed.

Some users have requested the option to set the Following feed as their default experience, allowing them to access it more conveniently without switching manually.

As Threads continues to evolve, user feedback is crucial in shaping its future updates and features.

Given the precedent set by other platforms, there is a possibility that Meta may consider allowing users to select their preferred default feed in the app.

However, it is essential to balance user preferences with the app’s core objectives and identity to maintain a seamless user experience.


Meta’s Threads app has introduced the Following feed, providing users with a chronological view of posts, a feature appreciated by many.

However, the app defaults to the “For You” feed upon opening, prompting discussions about the app’s objectives and user preferences.

While the default behavior aligns with Threads’ focus on personalized content, user feedback might influence future updates to allow users to set their preferred default experience.

As Threads continues to grow, striking a balance between personalized content and user choice will be essential to maintaining a satisfied and engaged user base.

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