10 Cutest Dog Breeds With Red Coat

While the coat color of a dog should not be the primary reason for picking a specific type of dog to buy, a red dog breed can be eye-catching on your daily walks.

The color of a dog’s coat can range from black to white and many shades in between, including a gorgeous reddish shade.

Additionally, the color red comes in a variety of shades, ranging from a shimmering golden tone with rich orange or chestnut highlights to rusty or liver red.

Numerous breeds from all sizes and categories, including toy and working dogs, can have this striking ginger hue.

It is considerably more important to choose a dog breed based on traits and historical working usage that are matched to your needs than coat color.

This will assist you and your partner be better suited moving ahead than just looking good.

And remember, there are also many mixed breed dogs available who may offer the perfect personality, exercise, and grooming requirements to be a suitable fit in your household as well.

Irish Setter

The coat of the Irish setter is a deep, rich crimson. The coat of this sporting dog is stunning and is most frequently described as mahogany or chestnut.

They have shiny, fine, and silky coats. For this coat to continue to shine at its best, regular brushing is essential.

The Irish setter is a typically happy-tempered, active puppy that enjoys frequent exercise and company from its human family.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The medium-length coat of the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever has white markings throughout and can range from golden to coppery red.

This breed is becoming more and more popular. It was originally developed as a sporting dog for duck hunting.

Tollers have tremendous personalities despite being on the smaller side for a retriever. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation because they are intelligent and affectionate.

Irish Terrier

The flaming red color and temperament of the Irish terrier are well known. These courageous but adorable canines have slightly different coat colors ranging from golden to ginger red.

The Irish terrier has a striking appearance thanks to its distinctive beard. Regular brushing will maintain the coat’s cleanliness and order.

To maintain this breed’s distinctive appearance, you might need to take them to the groomer every now and again.

Since they appear to have no fear and are constantly prepared to go, this dog is a wonderful companion for the adventurous, active person.

Given that this breed is intelligent, independent, and strong-willed, training and early socialization are essential.

They can be devoted but difficult to educate, and regular reinforcement is necessary to maintain manners.


When considering red-coated breeds, the dachshund may not be the first breed that springs to mind, but these well-known tiny dogs come in a range of hues, including a deep, rich red.

Three different coat varieties are available for doxies: wire-haired, long-haired, and smooth-coated. Dogs with smooth coats require less maintenance.

They only require the odd bath or wipe down for their short coats. The longhaired species need more frequent brushing to prevent tangling in their flowing hairs.

Additionally prone to dental conditions, this breed needs routine dental cleanings and care to maintain healthy teeth.

Redbone Coonhound

This hunting dog has a wonderfully short, red coat that is shiny and silky. These puppies are stunning to look at, with a chiseled, muscular frame and glossy fur.

With this kind of short-haired dog, grooming is simpler. A shedding tool should be used once a week to maintain the redbone coonhound’s glossy, healthy coat.

Spend the time you would have spent grooming instead on providing these pets with a good amount of daily exercise.

They frequently require employment, and working on the nose with this breed can be satisfying. They frequently speak out loud as well.

An enthusiastic runner or hiker will enjoy having a dog of this breed as a companion.


The eye-catching golden-red Vizsla has a short, shiny coat and a lean, athletic frame. There is not much grooming needed for this dog.

Since they lack an undercoat, you don’t need to brush them frequently. To keep the coat shiny and healthy, use a grooming mitt or shedding tool on occasion.

The Vizsla enjoys physical and mental activity; give this breed lots of playtime and exercise to keep it happy and healthy.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are intelligent, energetic, and covered in fur. The long, gorgeous coats of these herding dogs come in a variety of color patterns, including red and reddish merle and a calico-like blend of red, liver, and cream tones.

The long, gorgeous coat of this breed needs maintenance to remain luxurious, such as weekly brushing. An undercoat rake will assist in removing the dead hair from their double-layered coat during the shedding season.

Due to their high intellect, this breed thrives in fieldwork, agility, and other dog sports, but they need a lot of attention to keep their minds active. Schedule daily moderate exercise and additional time for mental activity.

Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a little red-coated dog with pointed ears, a golden to red coat, and a red coat. In fact, this breed is sometimes compared to foxes because of its reserved, reserved demeanor.

This spitz thrives in peaceful, somewhat active households. The Shiba Inu can also have a coat that is black and tan in addition to their signature red color.

This breed sheds a lot, especially during their twice-yearly molting season, because to their thick coat. During these times, regular brushing might help lessen the amount of fur that is left floating around the house.

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