10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Use

Hey there, time-travelers and aficionados of all things vintage!

Today, we’re diving into the homes of the legendary Baby Boomers to uncover the quirky, sentimental, and sometimes downright puzzling things they just can’t let go of.

From the era of bell-bottoms to the dawn of disco, let’s explore the 10 outdated gems that Boomers proudly display in their houses.

The Landline Dilemma

“Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking For?” – The Last Stand of the Landline

In a world dominated by smartphones, Boomers still cling to the good ol’ landline.

We’ll explore the nostalgia and practicality that keeps these corded relics alive, pondering whether they’re just sentimental or secretly indestructible.

The Rolodex Revolution

Spinning Memories – The Rolodex’s Last Dance

Ah, the Rolodex, that circular repository of professional contacts.

We’ll flip through the Rolodex’s pages, examining why Boomers still find comfort in its tactile charm in an age of digital contact lists.

TV Dinners: Microwave Magic

Beep-Beep, Ding-Ding – The Microwave TV Dinner Spectacle

In the age of gourmet cuisine, Boomers have a soft spot for the quick and easy TV dinners.

We’ll explore the allure of the microwave revolution and the lingering charm of these pre-packaged meals.

VHS Tapes: Rewinding the Past

Be Kind, Rewind – The VHS Tape Renaissance

While the world streams in high definition, Boomers hold on to their VHS tapes.

We’ll unravel the magnetic tape nostalgia and the cinematic journey these outdated relics offer.

The Encyclopedic World of Encyclopedias

Google Who? – The Last Stand of the Encyclopedias

In the age of Google, Boomers proudly display their encyclopedias.

We’ll explore the charm of flipping through physical pages and the nostalgia associated with these knowledge troves.

The Art of CD Towers

Spinning Sounds – The CD Tower Symphony

While Spotify rules the airwaves, Boomers keep their CD towers intact.

We’ll explore the tactile joy of selecting a CD and the auditory journey these towers represent.

The Fax Machine Frenzy

Beep-Boop, Fax it Over – The Fax Machine’s Final Stand

In a world of email and instant messaging, Boomers still swear by the fax machine.

We’ll uncover the reasons behind this seemingly ancient mode of communication and whether it’s truly a relic or a misunderstood genius.

Grandma’s Doily Décor

Lace and Grace – Grandma’s Doilies Forever

Boomers proudly showcase grandma’s doilies, bringing a touch of vintage elegance to their homes.

We’ll explore the sentimental value and timeless charm woven into these delicate creations.

The Wallpaper Wonderland

Floral Frenzy – The Enduring Appeal of Wallpaper

In the era of minimalist aesthetics, Boomers still embrace the wallpaper wonderland.

We’ll peel back the layers of nostalgia and explore why these intricate patterns continue to grace their walls.

Quaint Quilts and Blanket Burdens

Stitched Stories – Quilts That Warm the Heart

Boomers cuddle up with quaint quilts, preserving a tradition of handmade warmth.

We’ll unravel the stories stitched into these fabric masterpieces and why they remain a staple in Boomer households.


As we wrap up our journey through the time capsules of Boomer homes, it’s evident that these outdated gems are more than just relics—they’re symbols of a bygone era, cherished memories, and a touch of resistance against the relentless march of time.

In a world constantly evolving, Boomers stand proud, surrounded by their timeless treasures.


Q1: Why do Boomers still use landlines when everyone has a smartphone?

Boomers often find comfort in the reliability and familiarity of landlines.

It’s not just a means of communication; it’s a connection to a simpler time.

Q2: Why are VHS tapes still a thing for Boomers?

VHS tapes hold a special place in Boomer hearts as carriers of memories.

The act of physically inserting a tape and watching it play is a nostalgic experience.

Q3: Do Boomers really still use fax machines?

Yes, some Boomers prefer fax machines for certain documents.

It’s a habit formed in the pre-digital age and often stems from a belief in the security of faxed documents.

Q4: Why do Boomers keep encyclopedias when information is readily available online?

For Boomers, encyclopedias represent a tangible source of knowledge.

The act of flipping through pages and exploring topics physically is an experience they value.

Q5: What’s the appeal of wallpaper for Boomers in the age of minimalism?

Wallpaper, for Boomers, brings back a sense of coziness and nostalgia.

It’s a design choice that adds character and reflects a different era of interior aesthetics.

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