11 Things to Never Do At The Gym

We’ve seen hats, phones, even sweaty butt prints. No, they don’t get easier to cope with; you just have more time to practise your death glare.

First and foremost, there are a few things you should be aware of. Trust me, we’ll save you a lot of trouble.


1 – Hats

We’ve noted these before, but they’re worth repeating. Wearing a woollen hat on the treadmill draws attention to the fact that you may have bad hair. Not to mention that you will become really hot. Invest in some products or shave it all off.

2 – Not wiping down the equipment

Do you want to sit on my sweaty buttprint? No? Why should we then sit in yours? People, remember one of the most fundamental aspects of gym etiquette: spray and towel.

3 – Weight hoarding

On a Monday night, have you piled all your weights around you so the rest of the gym can’t use them? That’s great news for you. It’s a shame you can’t be considerate and allow the rest of us use them; it’s not like we’ve come to work out or anything.

4 – Bad technique

Consider in a flash: are you going to get those guns by doing jerky bicep curls? They won’t do that.

5 – Turning up in a group

The vast majority of people go to the gym either alone or with a partner. In this way, you will be able to focus on your personal training while still moving throughout the facility as quickly and effectively as possible. Simply walking about in a large group demonstrates to the rest of us that you are not putting in any serious effort to improve your fitness and that you are only there to socialise.

6 – Phones

Do you enjoy listening to music? Fine. No issue. Are you killing time on the leg press by browsing Facebook at the same time? NO

7 – Drinking energy drinks while walking on the treadmill

Unless you have a really particular requirement such as, well, there’s no need for that. You are going to inevitably make a mess of it.

8 – Trying to lift too much

You will not only cause a dozen people to roll their eyes at you, but you also run the risk of hurting yourself. Don’t try to outdo others. No one will benefit from you stomping about all hot in the face while wearing a weight belt that is much too large than necessary. That includes you.

9 – Grunting

Lifting is challenging, so you need to pay close attention to how you are breathing throughout the process. There are moments when one simply cannot remain silent. However, there is a member of the gym that all of us have taken to calling Grunty. Don’t be such a grouch!

10 – Using the plyo boxes as seats

Plyo Jump Boxes are amazing pieces of equipment that can be utilised in a variety of ways. They are not, on the other hand, intended for sitting on. You shouldn’t be feeding the pigeons in there because it’s a gym and you should be working out instead.

11 – Staring

We don’t mean giving someone the “death stare,” but we do mean staring. We understand that individuals like people-watching, but attempting to outstare your rival at the gym can only result in you being labelled as the gym’s freak. Relax and bring your attention back to yourself by readjusting your concentration.

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