Preorders for the Apple Watch 8 and Its Expected Release Date and Pricing

The next Apple Event will take place in a matter of days, on Wednesday, September 7th.  If Apple stays true to form, a new generation of the Apple Watch will most likely make its debut concurrently with a new line of iPhones. That suggests that preorders for the Apple Watch 8 might begin as soon as this coming Friday, September 9.

Apple is maintaining its customary silence over the speculated release of a wristwatch. Despite this, we are certain that it will be included in our list of the best smartwatches. It is anticipated that the new watch would have a redesigned case with flat edges. In addition, it could incorporate a two-inch display into a fifty-millimeter size. After the Apple Watch 8 preorders begin, it is expected that a complete version of watchOS 9 will also be available shortly afterward.

Concerning the cost of the Apple Watch 8, this information is not yet available. In spite of this, it is important to keep in mind that Apple has maintained a consistent pricing structure for a number of years, which suggests that the entry-level model of the Apple Watch 8 (41mm) might be priced at $399.

We anticipate that the first preorders of the Apple Watch 8 will either include a discount of a few dollars or a bundle of credits and freebies. As a result, we have compiled a roundup of the most recent news on the Apple Watch 8, along with our forecasts for the first kinds of Apple offers that we anticipate seeing when the launch event is over on September 7.

Pricing to anticipate for preorders of the Apple Watch 8

Nobody knows for sure how much money Apple will charge for its brand-new Apple Watch 8 model. On the other hand, the starting price of the basic model is a safe bet at $399. The price of the most recent generation Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 7, begins at $399 for the basic 41mm model that has GPS. For the Apple Watch 7 at 45 millimeters, the price increases to $429. Prices for cellular variants go up to $499 and $529, respectively, depending on the size choice chosen.

Apple Watch 8

On the other hand, there is a pervasive whisper that Apple is working on an upgraded version of the Watch 8. This premium model will be a watch that is more robust, and it will be geared for athletes as well as anybody else seeking for a watch that can keep up with their strenuous exercises. It’s possible that the new watch will also include satellite connection. It will be intended to compete effectively with products offered by Garmin. If we’re talking about cost, we’re talking about a possible beginning point of $999.

Preorders for the Apple Watch 8 and some forecasts

After Apple’s speech, almost all of the big retailers will begin accepting preorders for the Apple Watch 8. These are the presale discounts for the Apple Watch 8 that we anticipate seeing.


The Apple Store will eventually provide customers the option to upgrade to a new model of Apple Watch by exchanging their older model for store credit. At the moment, Apple is providing a trade-in credit that may go as high as $150 for an Apple Watch 6, up to $105 for an Apple Watch SE, up to $115 for an Apple Watch 5, up to $75 for an Apple Watch 4, and up to $40 for an Apple Watch 3.


Amazon is often among the first vendors to give discounts on Apple’s newly released hardware and software. You should anticipate seeing moderate savings ranging from $20 to $50 off the price of the brand new Apple Watch 8.

Best Buy

Best Buy, much like Amazon, will be one of the first stores to begin accepting preorders for the Apple Watch 8. Best Buy used to be one of the only retailers that would let you trade in your existing watch in exchange for store credit toward the purchase of a new Apple Watch.

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