Clippers Offer 3 Players for Sixers’ James Harden

The NBA offseason is abuzz with trade rumors, and one of the most intriguing stories involves the Los Angeles Clippers’ pursuit of 10-time All-Star James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to reports, the Clippers are eager to acquire Harden, who could join forces with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to create a formidable trio.

However, the 76ers appear to be reluctant to part with their star player for the package the Clippers are offering.

In this article, we will analyze the potential trade and its implications.

The Clippers’ Offer:

The Clippers have proposed a trade that includes Norman Powell, Terance Mann, and Robert Covington in exchange for James Harden.

While these players are undoubtedly solid contributors, they fall short of matching the star power that Harden brings to the table.

The 76ers are understandably holding out for a more substantial return.

Philadelphia’s Demands:

The 76ers are reportedly seeking a package that includes a young player with All-Star potential and multiple first-round draft picks.

This suggests that they are determined to get maximum value for their franchise player.

Their demand indicates that they are looking to build for the future while not compromising on immediate competitiveness.


The Clippers’ offer is reasonable, but it might not be enough to sway the 76ers into making a deal.

The 76ers have the upper hand in this negotiation and can afford to be patient, as they know that they can potentially secure a more enticing package if they hold out.

If the Clippers are genuinely committed to landing James Harden, they may need to sweeten the deal.

This could involve adding a fourth player to the trade or offering future first-round draft picks to sweeten the pot.

Another avenue the Clippers could explore is involving a third team in the trade.

By trading Powell and Mann to another team in exchange for a young player with All-Star potential, they could then package that player, along with Robert Covington and draft picks, to the 76ers in return for Harden.


The outcome of the Clippers’ pursuit of James Harden hinges on the willingness of the Philadelphia 76ers to trade their star player.

If the 76ers remain steadfast in their demands for a young talent with All-Star potential, the Clippers might find it challenging to make the deal.

However, if the 76ers are open to flexibility, a trade could still materialize.

As the NBA offseason unfolds, the fate of this potential blockbuster trade will undoubtedly be closely monitored by basketball fans worldwide.

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