Guard Dog Breeds 5 Biggest and Strongest Guard Dog Breeds

When you’re having a debate with your feline-obsessed friends over whether cats or dogs are superior, show them this article. Dogs, like their ancestors, guard humans in addition to being adorable and affectionate.

Humans are completely reliant on their canine companions for security in a few places of the world. These security canines are also among the largest dogs on the planet. Here’s a breakdown of how big each is:


Weight range: 50-83 kg

Height range: 77-86 cm

The Kangal is a large and powerful dog. Its roots can be traced back to Turkey. They are commonly referred to as sheepdogs because they are trained to protect large flocks of sheep.

It has been proven to keep sheep safe from wolves, bears, jackals, and even lions and cheetahs.


Weight range: 50-59 kg

64-69 cm tall

This dog has a strong body and a small muzzle. In the nineteenth century, gamekeepers bred them to guard properties.

They were quickly given the moniker Gamekeeper’s Night Dog. Their ancestors are 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. These canines are difficult to teach yet have an inherent instinct for protection.

They are renowned to protect their owners from intruders and other attacks even when they are not trained.

African Boerboel

Weight range: 68-90 kg

60-69 cm tall

The African Boerboel weighs the same as a human. It has a robust jaw and thick muscles as a result of its “molloser” dog family ancestors. The Molloser family founded today’s mastiff-type breeds.

It is frequently regarded as the most nimble of the mastiff breeds. It is incredibly loyal to the family with which it grows up and should be trained from an early age.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Weight: 68 kg

Height: 69 centimeters

The French Mastiff is another name for the Dogue de Bordeaux. The role of this brawny breed has evolved significantly throughout time. They purportedly used to guard European castles in the past.

They progressed to pulling carts and moving big goods before finally guarding flocks. They are thought to be one of the most ancient dog breeds on the world.

Fila Brasileiro

Weight range: 64-82 kg

65-75 cm tall

Another Mastiff has been added to the list. The Fila Brasileiro, or Brazilian Mastiff, is regarded as an excellent guard dog. It has exceptional agility, aggression, and an unforgiving disposition. In fact, their unpopular hostility caused them to be outlawed in a number of countries.

The Brasileiro’s first inclination, like that of most other Mastiffs, is to keep its prey away from the animal or person being attacked.

In Portuguese, “Filar” means “to hold, arrest, or grab.” These canines were once used to guard slaves and bring fugitives back to their slave masters.

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