Here’s the Shoe That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Style & Personality

There are many kinds of clothing, but nothing says as much about you as your favorite pair of shoes. I’m talking about the shoes you would choose over any other pair, the ones you swear you could walk a thousand miles in.

So, with that in mind, we can all be very picky about the shoes we wear. So, I’m going to tell you which shoe matches your zodiac sign, because it might be the perfect shoe for you.

If you ask any fashion expert, they will tell you that shoes are a must. And in our culture, wearing the wrong clogs can make or break someone’s opinion of you.

Let’s remember that scary scene from The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestley looks at Andy’s dorky loafers and then tells her, “That’s all.”

Oh, and who could forget the moment when Miranda asked Carrie how many pairs of $400 heels she had in Sex and the City? A hundred. “Take 100 times 400,” Miranda told her, “and that’s your down payment.”

If you think shoes are the one thing you should never skimp on, you’re right. We wear shoes everywhere we go. They protect and help us move one step at a time.

And because they should look good and work well, here’s the perfect pair of shoes for your zodiac sign to wear all day, every day:

Aries: Doc Marten 1460 Boot

Doc Marten 1460s are the shoes that say “I dare you” the loudest. And because Mars rules Aries, which is a sign of courage, aggression, fighting, and being a badass in general, there’s no better boot for you.

If you’re an Aries, you’re known for stomping through crowds, ruling the fashion world, and scaring people who try to calm you down. And as soon as an Aries puts on a pair of Docs, their superpowers are turned on.

Taurus: Birkenstock Arizona Soft Slide

When it comes to shoes, a Taurus is hard to please, which is why they often have the best shoe collection. They want comfort and support, but they don’t want to have to give up style to get it.

The brand Birkenstock is made for a Taurus with high standards.

The Arizona Soft Slides can be dressed up or down, and they were also made to support your arches. The footbed “ensures a correct, natural position of the foot and a natural rolling movement,” says the Birkinstock website.

Gemini: Adidas Superstar

If you’re a Gemini, you’re someone who can go with the flow and always wants to get things started.

The Adidas Superstar might look like any other pair of white sneakers, but its three iconic black stripes give it the dynamic energy of a Gemini.

Even though these shoes are classic and can go with any outfit or event, what a Gemini really likes about them is how they catch your eye without taking it all.

Plus, they love that these shoes were originally made for professional basketball players because it keeps them on their feet.

Cancer: Cloud Slides

Cancer, we have to face it. Putting on your shoes and heading out the door is probably your least favorite part of the day, especially if you’re even more of a homebody than the average Cancer.

But if you have a pair of the famous and comfortable Cloud Slides, you don’t have to leave the house to feel like you are.

I’m a Cancer rising, and I’m not kidding when I say that the Cloud Slides are so good that I needed one pair for inside the house and one pair for outside.

These comfy shoes can make a crabby Cancer feel so much better than anything else.

Leo: Nike Air Jordan

Astrology says that the sun, which is the brightest star in the galaxy, rules the sign of Leo. So, the Nike Air Jordan captures Leo’s lively coolness.

If this game-changing shoe hadn’t come out in 1985, there might not even be a sneaker culture today. When you wear a pair of Jordans, you show the world that you’re not afraid to be yourself, even if it offends other people.

Even though the NBA at first banned the Air Jordan because they didn’t meet the league’s uniform and color rules, Jordan wore them anyway and was fined $5,000 per game.

Virgo: Superga Platform

When it comes to clothes, Virgo is all about simple, useful, and eye-catching details. Superga is not only one of the most famous, culturally rich, and fashion-forward shoe brands from Italy in the world, but it also has a place in history.

It was the first company to make sports shoes with a vulcanized rubber sole in 1925. Their canvas shoes don’t slip, which is great for a Virgo who doesn’t want to trip or lose their balance in public.

Plus, the extra inch of the Superga Platform will help a Virgo stay on top of everything.

Libra: New Balance 574

Libras have a lot of parties and events to go to, but without a supportive shoe, their feet would get tired quickly.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love and luxury, so their shoes need to be just as well-thought-out as the rest of their outfit.

The New Balance 574 is a collection of shoes that will get you compliments all day. A Libra will love how the supportive soles feel on the balls of their feet and how many different styles, textures, and colors there are.

Scorpio: Clarks Orianna Derby

The best way to describe a Scorpio’s style is as sharp, mysterious, and classic, with an undeniable hint of darkness.

That’s why every Scorpio should have a stylish pair of derby shoes, like the Clarks Orianna Derby shoe, in their closet.

If a Scorpio wants to make a cool, calm, and collected first impression, these shoes set the tone.

Since a Scorpio keeps their cards close to their chest and their secrets even closer, this pair of “dark academia”-style shoes just screams “Scorpio” to me.

Sagittarius: Nike Air Force 1

Sagittarius is a sign of the zodiac that loves to travel, try new things, and explore. Because of this, they need a pair of shoes they can count on for all of their adventures.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for putting everything they need in a carry-on and traveling light, so they need a pair of sneakers that not only get them from point A to point B without giving them blisters on their toes.

They also need a pair that lets people know they are a tourist with style and someone worth talking to. What better than the famous Nike Air Force 1 covers all of those bases?

Capricorn: G.H. Bass Weejuns

Capricorns, you know that you always look your best. That’s why every sea goat should have a pair of G.H. Bass Weejuns that look great.

They make Capricorns look like experts who know what they’re talking about and also show off their inner fashionista.

You can wear these shoes to a high-pressure job interview, or you can wear them with a long, flowy skirt to a Sunday brunch with a lot of mimosas.

Every Capricorn knows that your #OOTD is an opportunity to make a statement, and the Weejuns always go above and beyond.

Aquarius: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

When you wear Chuck Taylor All Stars, you show that you’re a cool kid who loves the past and is a little bit of a rebel.

When it came out in 1922 as a more versatile alternative to other basketball shoes, this classic sneaker, which comes in both low-top and high-top styles, set a lot of trends.

Since then, the design has changed very little, which shows that Aquarians can not only start new fashion trends but also stay true to themselves through good times and bad.

Plus, Chuck Taylors give you the most freedom of movement in your ankles, which is the part of the body that Aquarius rules.

Pisces: Vans Classic Slip On

Pisces are known for being laid-back, dreamy, and spaced-out people who like to go with the flow and escape from reality.

What other popular shoe quite like the Vans Classic Slip On captures the spirit of youth and not fitting in?

Pisces is also the most creative zodiac sign, which is why they’ll love the fact that skateboarders coloring the rubber midsoles of their Vans shoes gave rise to the famous black-and-white checkerboard pattern.

This brand was made for skateboarders and surfers, after all. Pisces is a zodiac sign that is associated with riding the waves of life, which is why they are already putting on their Vans and heading to the beach.

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