How to use the new Messages features in iOS 17

In the ever-evolving world of mobile communication, iOS 17 has brought forth a slew of innovative features to make messaging smoother, more secure, and highly customizable.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or just starting your journey with Apple’s flagship device, here’s a comprehensive guide to the unique features and capabilities that iOS 17 has to offer.

Transcribed Audio Messages

The days of straining to decipher audio messages are over.

With iOS 17, you can easily transcribe audio messages by simply tapping on the small microphone icon located in the bottom left corner of the message.

This feature not only saves time but also ensures that you never miss the nuances of spoken words.

You can even make quick edits to the transcribed message if needed.

Check In with Contacts

Safety and connectivity are at the forefront of iOS 17’s innovations.

The “Check In” feature allows you to seamlessly connect with your contacts.

By tapping on the plus button next to the text input box and selecting “Check In,” you can share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) or set a timer.

If, for any reason, you don’t meet your ETA, the app will automatically check in with you to ensure your safety.

Search with Multiple Filters

Finding specific messages has never been easier.

With iOS 17, you can search for messages using multiple filters.

Simply tap on the search bar and enter your desired filters.

You can filter messages by sender, recipient, date, keywords, and more, making it a breeze to locate that crucial piece of information in your chat history.

Apps in Messages

Enhancing your messaging experience, iOS 17 now allows you to access a wide array of apps within the Messages app.

By tapping on the plus button next to the text input box, you can access a dropdown list of available apps to enrich your conversations.

These apps can provide various functionalities, from sharing media to collaborative tools, all accessible without leaving the Messages app.

Navigation and Replies

Streamlining your interactions, iOS 17 offers intuitive navigation and quick replies.

To reply to a message swiftly, a simple right swipe on the message is all it takes.

For smoother conversation flow, swipe left or right on the screen to navigate through your chat history effortlessly.

Improved Location Sharing

Location sharing gets an upgrade with iOS 17. To share your real-time location, tap on the plus button next to the text input box and select “Location.”

Then, choose from three options: “Indefinitely,” “Until End of Day,” or “For One Hour.”

This feature is perfect for coordinating meet-ups or letting loved ones know you’re safe and sound.

Automatically Delete Verification Codes

For enhanced security and convenience, iOS 17 introduces the ability to automatically delete verification codes.

By going to Settings > Messages and toggling on “Automatically Delete Verification Codes,” any verification codes you receive in Messages will be automatically removed after 24 hours.

This helps keep your messages clutter-free and your sensitive information secure.

Additional Tips

iOS 17 offers even more customization options and handy features:

  • Customize the order of apps in Messages by tapping and holding on an app icon, then dragging it to a new position.
  • To reply to a specific message in a conversation, tap and hold on the message and then select “Reply.”
  • Forwarding a message to another contact is a breeze; tap and hold on the message and select “Forward.”
  • Deleting a message is as simple as swiping left on the message and tapping “Delete.”

In conclusion,

iOS 17’s Messages features bring an array of improvements and enhancements to your messaging experience, making it more efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

These features cater to the modern communicator’s needs, whether it’s transcribing audio messages, ensuring safety through check-ins, or effortlessly managing your chat history.

With iOS 17, you’re well-equipped to make the most out of your messaging interactions.

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  1. I don’t like that you have to touch each image now to sending multiple messages. You can no longer just add a name and continue when sending to multiple people. This makes it harder and time consuming when you want to send multiple messages to multiple people.


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