Meet the Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Due to their high level of speed and agility, dogs are frequently kept as pets by athletes and active families. When it comes to speed, though, which dog breeds reign supreme?

From the sleek greyhound to the sturdy saluki, here are the top ten fastest dog breeds on the planet. In addition, we’ll offer some advice on how to keep your furry speedster healthy and happy so you can both marvel at and protect him from his extraordinary agility.

The world’s fastest canines

The Border collie and the Anatolian shepherd are two examples of fast-running dogs that were originally developed for hunting and herding. These breeds thrive on vigorous exercise to burn off their boundless energy.

In order to help you better understand your active pet, Stacker ranked 23 dog breeds by top speed using data from the American Kennel Club and Vetstreet.

Here’s something to think about: Usain Bolt, an Olympic sprinter, set the world record for the 100-meter distance in 2009 by running 27.4 miles per hour. In order for a dog to even be considered for this list, it would need to be at least that fast. Starting with a breed that can run at 25 mph, we progress to one that can run at 45 mph.

#15 Great Dane

Maximum velocity is 30 miles per hour.

The Great Dane is commonly believed to have descended from an ancient Greek dog breed; canine counterparts to the modern Great Dane can be seen in ancient Greek art hunting wild boar. Despite its massive size, this kind giant is calm and patient, rarely showing signs of aggression. If raised and socialized properly from a young age, dogs of this breed make excellent family pets.

#14 Poodle

Maximum speed of 33 mph

Poodles are adored for their attractiveness and intelligence. Poodles are typically used as show dogs due to their intelligence, agility, and obedience. In general, the breed is reserved around strangers, but once properly socialized, it becomes very playful and affectionate.

#13 Pharaoh hound

Maximal speed is 35 mph.

Pharaoh hounds, despite their independence and swagger, need special training that avoids harsh punishments. The breed has no genetic ties to Egypt, but some claim it looks like dogs depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics, lending credence to the theory that Phoenicians brought the dogs to Malta over 2,000 years ago.

#12 Weimaraner

Maximal speed is 35 mph.

The Weimaraner is a versatile breed thanks to its speed and keen sense of smell, both of which are useful when hunting small game and competing in sports. Although this breed has a reputation for being lively and friendly, when left alone, they can become anxious and unruly.

#11 The Doberman Pinscher

Maximal speed is 35 mph.

Doberman pinschers are known for their stoic demeanor and friendly nature. They also have the unique trait of preferring to walk and stand on their toes rather than their paws. The clipping of the breed’s tails and ears contributes to the dog’s intimidating appearance. Fortunately, legislation is being introduced to ban the practice in some nations.

#10 Scottish deerhound

Maximal speed is 35 mph.

There is little evidence of change in this ancient breed since before written history began. Scottish deerhounds are renowned game-killers, so much so that their very name refers to their specialty. They may not be the fastest in a race, but in their natural environment they are considered to be much quicker than their rivals.

#9 Whippet

Maximum speed of 36 mph

Because of their remarkable speed and agility, Whippets are frequently used as athletes in a variety of dog sports such as racing and hare coursing. The breed may be content to sleep for the majority of the day and has been described as shy and quiet. On the other hand, whippets can be easily startled or irritated.

#8 Borzoi

Maximum speed of 36 mph

The borzoi, whose Russian name means “fast” in English, certainly lives up to its billing. The breed is frequently seen in dog shows and athletics due to its lean build, silky smooth coat of fur, quiet and independent nature. Because of their picky nature, training a Borzoi takes time and dedication from its owner.

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