Rumors Surrounding Cs Go 2 Are Gaining Momentum

While it is crucial to take all of this with a grain of salt and await official confirmation, there have been some speculations circulating that Counter-Strike 2 may be coming shortly.

Richard Lewis, a well-known Counter-Strike journalist and broadcaster, claims to have acquired information from sources that Valve is preparing to release a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the near future, with a beta perhaps arriving as early as this month or in April.

Counter-Strike 2 is claimed to be the working title for this project, which has been in development “for some time.” Lewis says that Valve’s priority has been Counter-Strike 2, which is one of the reasons why the current version of CS:GO has been “largely unattended to for some time.”

According to these reports, Counter-Strike 2 will use the Source 2 engine, which “should improve the optimisation and graphical fidelity of the game.” It is also believed to have 128-tick servers, similar to Valorant, which is a statistic that specifies how rapidly a game’s server can process information.

Matchmaking will also be enhanced in this new edition, and Valve appears to be expecting that third-party services will no longer be required to connect players in a more effective manner.

Counter-Strike 2 is “about ready to go,” according to sources, however it is unclear what this new version would entail for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its competitive environment. As Lewis mentions, Dota 2 relocated to Source 2 with a new version dubbed Dota 2 Reborn, which coexisted with the original. The two versions eventually blended into one.

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