Samsung’s Customer Data Stolen in Us: Here’s What Data Was Taken

Your financial and device location data should be protected, however, customers who were impacted may still have cause to be concerned.

What you absolutely must be aware of

  • Late in the month of July, user data for Samsung’s customers in the United States was accessed by an “unauthorized third party.”
  • The intrusion was detected by Samsung on August 4. However, the company did not notify users who were impacted until September 2.
  • The stolen information did not include the customers’ saved card details or Social Security numbers; however, it did include their personal demographic and contact information.
  • Samsung advised consumers who were potentially impacted to check their credit reports, despite the fact that the hacker shouldn’t have been able to harm them.

The latest tech firm to suffer a huge data leak was Samsung, but fortunately for Samsung’s customers in the United States, the scope of the hack isn’t nearly as terrible as it might have been.

The following information may be seen on the page that was provided by Samsung’s Security Response Center: Late in the month of July, a hacker gained access to the data servers that Samsung maintains in the United States and acquired the personal information of Samsung’s customers. Early in the month of August, Samsung found out about the security compromise and immediately took measures to “protect the impacted systems,” employ a “top outside cybersecurity company,” and make contact with law authorities.

In regards to the information that was taken, Samsung has stated that they “want[s] to assure our customers that the issue did not impact Social Security numbers or credit and debit card numbers, but in some cases, may have affected information such as name, contact and demographic information, date of birth, and product registration information.” 

Your email address and phone number are likely to be included in the contact information, whilst the registration information will contain details about any Samsung devices that you have linked to your Samsung account.

Samsung Consumers Data Hacked In United States

Consumers of Samsung who were “identified as impacted by this problem” should have already gotten an email from the company; if you haven’t, you may exhale a sigh of relief since you are not among those customers. Additionally, the business has said that “customer devices were not compromised in connection with this issue.” This means that the hacker should not have access to location data or any other sensitive information, according to the company’s assurances.

Those who did get Samsung’s email warning should “be vigilant of any unsolicited emails that seek for your personal information or redirect you to a web page asking for personal information,” according to the text of the email. Phishing attacks might be launched against the individual by the hacker using the personal information that was taken from them.

In addition, Samsung informs its customers that they have the opportunity to get a free credit report once per year from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Samsung has not made an offer to pay for a second report from those individuals who have previously claimed this report.

It is reasonable to question why it took Samsung almost a month to tell consumers that the contact information they had stored was compromised. It is hoped that people who were impacted were not taken advantage of without their knowledge before Samsung informed them of the matter.

We also do not have any idea how extensive this compromise is. Despite the fact that the majority of the Android Central crew headquartered in the United States owns Samsung phones and accounts, only one of us has gotten an email, which indicates that it has not impacted every Samsung user in the United States.

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