Signs of a Condescending Person

Condescending Meaning

A condescending person is someone who behaves in a way that implies that they think they are superior to others. Their tone and language are frequently patronizing.

The message is clear: They are correct, you are incorrect, and they are aware of it. At least, that’s what they appear to believe.

It’s aggravating to deal with condescending folks. Nobody loves being treated to as if they are ignorant or inferior, but condescending people excel at it.

They irritate you because they are preoccupied with their own (perceived) superiority.

1. They Think They’re Smarter Than Everyone Else

A condescending person is one who believes they are smarter than everyone else and does not hesitate to express that belief.

They enjoy hearing their own voice and will often take advantage of any opportunity to convey their perceived expertise.

2. They Interrupt Often to Get Their Point Across

They are frequently guilty of interrupting in order to hijack the conversation and make it about themselves. They are quick to correct you if you are incorrect. If you’re correct, they’re correct-er. You get the idea.

3. They Lack Emotional Intelligence

A condescending person lacks emotional intelligence. They don’t always aware that their activities aren’t impressing everyone. In fact, they may be unaware that their actions are driving others away.

They can’t read the room because their internal discourse and perceptions take precedence over any situational awareness.

4. They Hold Everyone to Their Own Standards

The issue is that a condescending person truly believes they are the standard. They hold everyone to their own standards and appear perplexed that others cannot work as hard, be as intelligent, or have the same privileges as they do.

5. They’re Arrogant with Narcissistic Tendencies

The individual who is condescending is entirely arrogant. They truly believe they are superior to others, and they exhibit many narcissistic behaviors, including thinking entirely on themselves.

Everything is filtered via that perspective, and it’s no surprise that they grind your teeth every time they open their mouths.

6. They Communicate Judgment Rather Than Empathy

Someone who is condescending is continuously passing judgment on you and never empathizes with your situation. You know they believe you can do better… because they said it… aloud.

They will not put themselves in your position and try to imagine how you must feel. They put themselves in your situation and imagine what they would do (read: better than you).

7. They’re Terrible Listeners

You’ll also notice that a condescending person is a poor listener. They’re too preoccupied with what they’re going to say next to pay attention to what you’re saying.

How to Deal with Condescending People

Maintain Your Calm and Carry On

Don’t give them what they want.

Make use of “I” statements. When Reacting

Don’t Take It Personally

Use Humor to Diffuse the Tension

Keep It Compassionate

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