The Best Eye Makeup Look For Each Zodiac Sign

If we had to explain what eye makeup means to us, we’d say that it’s like the extra sukha puri that comes with a spicy pani-puri plate or the free mini products that come with a big purchase.

Just like they make the whole experience better, slick eye makeup will do the same. And what better way is there than to wear something that fits your sign?

Aries = Passionate and outgoing

Ariens are the most brave and badass of the bunch. They aren’t afraid to show their wild side or avoid the spotlight.

Keeping this wild spirit alive, an over-the-top eyeshadow look will look amazing on you! You can also choose a graphic eyeliner look that will make you stand out in a flash.

Taurus = Loyal and Determined

Taureans are the best friends and partners, there, we said it. They are loyal, caring, and very determined, and they have a special zeal that is very attractive.

But they’re also easygoing and carefree, which is why a simple but striking eye makeup look with brown or beige eyeshadow and a few coats of volumizing mascara will make them look very dapper.

Gemini = Genius in IQ and EQ

They are always on top of what’s going on in the world, around them, and even in your head! They are friendly and fun, so there is never a dull moment when they are around.

With this enticing zodiac sign, the best eye makeup look is bright eyeshadow and a bold wing eyeliner. This is enough to mesmerize anyone, to be honest.

Cancer = Caring and Understanding

Cancerians are kind and generous people who are simple, quiet, and beautiful in every way.

They have a calm energy that helps everyone in their life feel safe.

And since they like peace and are ruled by the moon, a hint of white eyeliner and a neutral eyeshadow is a good way to do their eye makeup.

Leo means fierce and strong

Leos always seem to be on top of things. They are driven, passionate, determined, and maybe even a little bit proud. They give everything they do their all, and you’ll never meet someone as organized as them.

For a killer eye makeup look that shows off their fierceness like a lioness, a shimmery golden eyeshadow with a black smokey eye is perfect.

Virgo = Responsible and Loyal

They’re crazy, but also smart, a mess, but also well-organized, and both analytical and spontaneous.

In short, you can’t really describe a Virgo in just one way. So, their eye makeup should also be a mix of unusual products, like a pop of highlighter on the lids, a smudged wing, and well-shaped eyebrows.

Now that’s a look that no Virgo could refuse.

Libra = Smart and charismatic

They are all about balance and getting people to like them with their charisma.

Librans are beautiful and smart. They will fight the world for you and won’t even take credit for it.

Their zodiac sign eyeshadow look should have soft pastel colors on the lids, a gold highlight, and fluttery eyes.

Scorpio = Driven, Patient, and Owning

Scorpions aren’t afraid of anything and don’t like to show their faces, so they always seem mysterious. But there’s something about them that makes people want to be around them.

Also, they are very loyal and will always stand up for you.

Their habit of going the extra mile is best shown by an out-of-the-box, striking eyeliner look paired with coats of lengthening mascara for a va-va-voom look!

Sagittarius = Funny and to the point.

A Sagi is the one person at a party who knows their way around the whole room.

They like to have fun, try new things, and do things you wouldn’t expect. They have a lot of energy and aren’t afraid to try out crazy ideas.

Because of this, they can definitely rock a look with electric pink eyeshadow and glossy black eyeliner.

Capricorn means goal-oriented and simple.

Capricorns like to stay in their own lane, work hard in the background, and get everything they want.

They are also very practical and like things to be easy. Because of this, they will want an eye makeup look that can be worn in different ways.

For a look that can go from the office to dinner, they’ll love the earthy shades of eyeshadow and a curling mascara. It’s simple, elegant, and useful.

Aquarius means creative and fun.

Aquarians are always hungry for new experiences, to learn new things, and for food. They are always up for a good time and the life of the party.

For a look that’s just as unique as them, a thick coat of mint green kohl and perfectly arched eyebrows are perfect.

Pisces = Aware of their feelings and kind

They will make sure everyone around them is happy with their creative and imaginative superpowers.

They are very easygoing and caring, so before you know it, you might have told them everything about your life.

Their kind personalities make it easy for them to stand out, which goes well with a shimmery eyelid and a thin line of black eyeliner. This is a magic combination that never fails.

Start with these looks, but don’t be afraid to break the rules. Try different things and come up with a look that fits your personality, lad!

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