The Right Jeans For Your Zodiac Sign

A classic pair of jeans is something that almost everyone has in their closet. Denim pants are a must-have, whether you wear them casually with sneakers and a t-shirt or dress them up with booties and a blouse.

But gone are the days when everyone wore the same basic jeans. Today, there are many different styles and fits, from classic straight-leg and bootcut to trendy mom jeans and flares.

We asked an astrologer and gem expert, Danelle Ferreira, and an astrologer and tarot reader, Hana O’Neill, for their advice on which jeans you should wear based on your zodiac sign.

Keep reading to find out more about denim.

Aries: Straight Leg Jeans

Aries is the brave leader of the zodiac, so you tend to wear clothes that show how fierce you are.

“Aries want clothes that just make them feel confident,” says O’Neill.

“Their favorite colors are definitely bright red or orange, and they don’t mind wearing clothes that don’t fit the mold.”

We think you should get a pair of stylish straight-leg jeans to go with your bold sense of style.

This old favorite has made a big comeback in the last few years. It’s a great way to keep your look cool while letting the colors and accessories shine.

Taurus: Bootcut Jeans

Taurus is thought to be one of the most stylish signs of the zodiac, and you can be a bit materialistic.

O’Neill says, “Taurus cares about the quality of their clothes, and they like high-end brands and elegant styles.”

We suggest bootcut jeans to match your sophisticated tastes.

Fitted jeans like these look great with boots, heels, and even flats, making them a great choice for any event. Also, a good pair of shoes can last you your whole life.

Gemini: High-Rise Jeans

Geminis always want to try something different. You like to try out new styles and try out new trends.

Ferreira says that Gemini should wear clothes that are colorful and fun.

“They like to wear clothes that are casual, comfortable, and help them stand out and look interesting.”

Simply put, you have a style that other signs just couldn’t pull off, and you love going out and showing it off.

So, we suggest a well-fitting pair of high-rise jeans. Because of how they are cut, they look good with everything from crop tops to thick layers.

Cancer: Boyfriend Jeans

Cancers are sensitive and intuitive, and they love nothing more than to be comfortable and at home (after all, you are the homebody of the zodiac).

“Cancers should wear casual clothes that are good for wearing around the house,” says Ferreira.

“They don’t need to look too flashy or trendy, and they prefer clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear.”

So, a pair of boyfriend jeans is always a good choice.

These loose-fitting pants might look like you borrowed them from your lover, but they’re actually made to fit your waist for a casual and cool look.

Leo: Cropped Jeans

Leos are sure of themselves, creative, and full of passion.

You like to make a statement with your clothes, so you often choose bright colors, bold patterns, and soft, luxurious fabrics.

“Leo wants to stand out, so he might dress more fancy than usual for the event,” says O’Neill.

Cropped jeans would go well with your attention-getting style and love of being in the spotlight.

If you really want to stand out, wear these pants with patterned tights or a pair of flashy boots.

Virgo: Skinny Jeans

As the zodiac’s perfectionists, you are practical, well-organized, and dependable.

“Virgo is usually very well put together, with neutral and earthy colors being the most important…

Their style is simple but classy, and they never try too hard to stand out. “‘Less is more,’ that’s what a Virgo lives by,” O’Neill says.

We think you should buy a really good pair of skinny jeans to go with your high standards and unique tastes.

No matter what the latest trend report says, skinny jeans will always be a must-have, especially when sweaters and boots come back into style in the fall and winter.

Libra: Flare Jeans

Libras are friendly and attractive. You like to dress up and look nice, so you often choose classic and elegant pieces.

“Libra works hard to make sure they are the most beautiful person in the room.

“Anything that makes me look good, is cool, and in style is great,” says Ferreira.

But since you are the sign of the scales, you want to make sure your outfits are a good mix of trendy and classic.

As a person with good taste, we think you should wear flared jeans.

This popular song from the year 2000 is back and will make you feel fun and flirty.

Scorpio: Black Jeans

Scorpios are intense and full of passion. You often choose dark and edgy pieces, like leather jackets and t-shirts with bold designs.

“Scorpios have very sexy wardrobes that are mostly black or maybe have a dramatic touch of red,” says O’Neill.

And even though you have a mysterious air about you, you never hesitate to make a point.

So, a pair of black jeans will be the perfect base for any moody look you want to pull off.

This basic piece of clothing works well for both day and night.

Sagittarius: Capri Jeans

Sagittarians are independent, open-minded, and like to try new things.

You love to be creative, and you’re often drawn to pieces that are a little different from the norm.

“Sagittarius people always look like they just got back from a party or vacation.

“They like to wear clothes from different cultures and places, and they often have a lot of things they bought on their travels,” says Ferreira.

Even though you love how long-lasting denim is, your busy life requires something more breathable than your usual pair of jeans.

Capris are light, can be worn in any season, and give you room to move and explore.

Capricorn: Mom Jeans

Capricorns are very practical and like to buy things that will last a long time.

Because of this, you often choose quality fabrics and items that have a classic look.

“Capricorns have a very traditional style that is always classic and never revealing,” says O’Neill.

“They will look professional no matter where they are, and well-fitted clothes make them feel comfortable and confident.”

You’re a smart shopper who knows that comfort and style can go together, so we think mom jeans are the best choice for you.

Not only are they easy to put on and comfortable, but they also look stylish.

Aquarius: Ripped Jeans

Aquarians are independent, creative, and always moving forward. You like things that are different and unique, just like you.

“Aquarians have their own unique style that is hard to describe,” says Ferreira.

“Many people like to wear t-shirts with funny sayings or artworks on them, and they don’t shy away from anything that might make other people look twice.”

As the rebel of the zodiac, we think you should wear ripped jeans.

You can buy them this way or make them yourself! Ripped jeans have a cool edge and go well with your free-thinking personality.

Pisces: Acid Wash Jeans

Pisces are emotional, sensitive, and like to dream. You often choose pieces that are soft, romantic, and show that you like to take it easy.

“Pisces are good at fitting in with their surroundings,” says O’Neill.

“This means that their style will change depending on who they’re hanging out with at the time.”

“They usually choose loose-fitting styles that don’t limit their movement, and the best fabrics are always soft, silky, or smooth.”

In the 1960s, when surfers wore jeans that had naturally faded from being in saltwater and the sun, they were the first people to wear acid-wash jeans.

This style of jeans gives any outfit an instant cool, young look without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

Plus, the fish’s beginnings on the beach are a great place for its sign.

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