The Witcher Season 3 Volume 2 Review

Netflix’s dark fantasy series, The Witcher, returns after a month-long break with its signature political intrigue and sword-slashing action.

However, the lively spirit of the show seems somewhat diminished, perhaps due to the decision to split Season 3 into two parts, a trend also seen in other successful Netflix series.

This alteration to the traditional full-season drop raises questions about its impact on viewer excitement for Season 4.

Furthermore, the departure of star Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia adds an air of uncertainty to the future of the show.

Volume 1 of Season 3:

When the season opens, tensions across the Continent are reaching a boiling point. Emperor Emhyr prepares for war against the Northern Kingdoms, the Brotherhood of Sorcerers unites against Nilfgaard, and political scheming abounds.

Geralt finds himself reluctantly embroiled in human affairs, and the absence of monster slaying marks a shift in focus.

The season’s midsection feels like a finale, packed with drama and a big villain reveal, setting the stage for the second volume.

Cavill’s “Heroic Send-Off”:

Henry Cavill’s impending departure from the show looms large over Season 3. Showrunner Lauren Hissrich suggests that the season serves as a “heroic send-off” for Geralt.

However, the execution of this farewell appears muddled, leaving viewers with mixed feelings about the character’s journey and the actor’s departure.

Cavill’s commitment to the role makes his absence all the more palpable.

Continental Politics and Source Material:

The season takes a more faithful approach to the source material, but it still deviates in certain areas.

The series grapples with balancing its own path and Andrzej Sapkowski’s original vision, resulting in a somewhat disjointed narrative.

The show’s focus on political intrigue and prophecy often detracts from Geralt’s character and charisma, which had been a major draw for viewers.

The Verdict:

The second season of The Witcher expands its scope, weaving in new conflicts and characters while carrying over threads from the first season.

The storyline becomes more straightforward, though it still suffers from inconsistent pacing and characterization, especially with newer plotlines.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt remains a standout element, particularly in his relationship with Ciri, providing an emotional core to the season.

Despite its flaws, The Witcher remains an entertaining adventure through a unique fantasy world.


The Witcher Season 3, split into two volumes, continues to explore the morally complex world of the Continent with its political intrigue and captivating sword fights.

However, some elements, such as the departure of Henry Cavill, Geralt’s character arc, and the show’s balancing act with the source material, create a sense of uncertainty for the future.

Despite these challenges, the season retains its entertaining charm, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the fantastical journey through the Continent’s chaos.

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