Top 8 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs

When it comes to the classic rivalry between cats and dogs, it’s time to put those stereotypes to rest.

Many cat breeds are known for their social and adaptable nature, making them the perfect companions for our four-legged canine friends.

If you’re a proud pet parent of both a cat and a dog or are considering expanding your fur family, here are the top 8 cat breeds that not only tolerate but genuinely thrive in the presence of their canine counterparts.

Maine Coon:

Heralded as “gentle giants,” Maine Coons possess a friendly and easygoing demeanor. Their dog-like behavior and love for interactive play make them a fantastic choice for a household with dogs.


Named for their tendency to go limp when picked up, Ragdolls are the gentle giants of the cat world. Their docile nature and love for human and animal companionship mean they often get along famously with dogs.


This energetic and curious breed thrives on activity and loves to explore, much like their canine companions. Abyssinians are more likely to see dogs as potential playmates rather than adversaries.


With their striking blue eyes and affectionate nature, Birmans form strong bonds not only with their human family but also with other pets, including dogs.


Burmese cats are known for their dog-like behaviors, such as following their owners around and greeting them at the door. Their sociable and affectionate nature often extends to dogs as well.

Japanese Bobtail:

These cats have a unique appearance and a friendly, social personality. Their adaptable nature allows them to establish harmonious relationships with dogs.


Manx cats are known for their distinctive taillessness or short tails, but they’re also beloved for their playful and sociable nature, which often extends to their canine companions.

Turkish Van:

If you’re looking for a cat that might even enjoy a swim with your dog, the Turkish Van could be your match. These water-loving cats are also friendly and sociable, making them great partners in a multi-pet household.


While it’s true that some cat breeds have a reputation for being aloof or solitary, these eight breeds break the mold by showing us that cats and dogs can indeed be the best of friends.

With their friendly personalities, adaptability, and social nature, these cat breeds are more than willing to embrace the company of their canine counterparts.

So, whether you’re already a proud parent of both cats and dogs or you’re considering adopting a new furry family member, these breeds are a fantastic choice for fostering a harmonious and loving multi-pet household.

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