10 Most Colorful Pet Fish to Surprise You

1. Blue Gularis Killifish

The Blue Gularis Killifish is an excellent choice for a multi-colored tropical fish in your aquarium.

The Blue Gularis Killifish is an egg-laying killifish of the Fundulopanchax genus.

Keep in mind that, while they may coexist with other tankmates, these bright fish thrive in their own, planted tank.

2. Eggersi Killifish

The Eggersi Killifish species is well-known among aquarium enthusiasts for its beautiful blue-ish and red colour, as well as its reputation as a placid freshwater fish. The Eggersi Killifish is one of more than 70 species of little killifish in the Nothobranchius genus.

If you want to add this species to your colorful community aquarium, keep in mind that male Eggersi Killifish are aggressive toward other male Killifish.

3. True Red Terror Cichlid

The True Red Terror Cichlid, which belongs to the Mesoheros genus, is, in my opinion, a more attractive alternative to the more popular Green Terror Cichlid.

I would never recommend this species to a newbie in the hobby because it grows enormous and is territorial.

However, if you’ve gained experience, definitely try the Red Terror Cichlids because it’s really entertaining to watch them color up when guarding their brood.

4. Paradise Gourami Fish

When I was looking for an aquarium fish with brilliant orange or red hues, I came across the Paradise Gourami, a member of the Macropodus genus.

Their lovely, rich orange and blue color patterns initially drew my attention.

Another advantage is that they can endure cooler water temperatures, but be wary of their aggressive behavior toward other male Gourami fish.

5. Apistogramma Macmasteri

The Apistogramma Macmasteri is a great example of an exotic fish that will add vibrant colors to your tropical freshwater aquarium.

Apistogramma species with yellow, blue, reddish, and orange color patterns are found in the broad genus Apistogramma. These dwarf cichlids are among the tiniest kinds, making them a suitable addition to a tiny planted aquarium.

However, be cautious when mixing males with other guys because they can be highly territorial.

Making plenty of hiding spots in a 20-gallon aquarium is a fantastic way to help these lovely fish settle down.

6. White Cloud Mountain Minnow

If you’re looking for a little but colorful fish for your home aquarium, the White Cloud Minnow is a great choice.

Tanichthys, the name of their genus, derives from Tan, the Chinese Boy Scout who discovered the first specimen.

These 1.4-inch-long minnows feature vibrant silver stripes contrasted by a dark green body and bright red dorsal and caudal fins.

They are also an excellent choice for non-aggressive fish that can live in both coldwater and freshwater tanks, and they are an excellent schooling species for novices.

7. Chili Rasbora Fish

The Chili Rasbora is a tiny freshwater fish that belongs to the Boraras genus. These specimens typically reach 0.8 inches in length and petrify with exquisite color patterns and a contrasting bright stripe that runs the length of their bodies.

Chili Rasboras, despite their small size and timidity, are an excellent addition to a colorful community aquarium with small and gentle inhabitants.

Chili Rasboras thrive in tropical waters and in groups of at least six.

8. Red Neon Stiphodon Goby

The neon Stiphodon Goby from the genus Stiphodon has a stunning orange and reddish colour (mostly seen in males).

The Red Neon Stiphodon Goby, in my opinion, is one of the most attractively colored fish, and they also have a tranquil demeanor, making them an ideal companion for a vibrant community aquarium.

9. Snakeskin (Cobra) Guppy Fish

The Cobra guppy is one of my favorite Guppies these days because of its vibrant red, blue, orange, and green patterns, which may even resemble a tiger in some individuals.

Poecilia is the genus name for this livebearer fish.

Guppies, which originated in South America, are well-known across the world, and many hobbyists choose to keep them in their tranquil fish tanks.

10. Celestial Pearl Danio

The magnificence of the Celestial Pearl Danio fish, with the orange and violet spots delicately crossing their characteristic silverish bodies, has left me speechless.

The Celestial Pearl Danio belongs to the genus Danio, which means “of the rice field” in Bengali.

They’re not aggressive, and I recommend them as a vibrant schooling fish for subtropical freshwater tanks.

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