10 Reptile Pets That You Dint Know About


Uromastyx, sometimes known as spiny-tailed lizards, are herbivorous reptiles that come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. They are well-known for their docility and make intriguing pets.

Schneider’s Skink:

Schneider’s skinks are small, ground-dwelling lizards native to North Africa.

They feature smooth scales and a stunning design. These skinks are low-maintenance and ideal for novices.

Red-eyed Crocodile Skink:

Red-eyed crocodile skinks are small semiaquatic lizards native to New Guinea. They have ancient appearances and unique red eyes.

They demand a moist habitat and are best suited to experienced reptile caretakers.

Solomon Island Leaf Frog:

This unusual reptile, sometimes known as the Australian leaf frog, is a species of gecko. They have leaf-like fringes on their bodies and are good at camouflage.

Because of their unique care requirements, Solomon Island leaf frogs are best suited for experienced caretakers.

Knob-tailed Gecko:

Knob-tailed geckos are little geckos with unusual tails that culminate in a bulbous knob. They are nocturnal and come in a variety of hues.

These geckos exhibit fascinating habits that are fascinating to watch.

Asian Vine Snake:

The Asian vine snake, commonly known as the long-nosed whip snake, is a slender, arboreal snake native to Southeast Asia.

They have a long, slender body and are excellent climbers. Although they are rarely touched, they make intriguing display pets.

Armadillo Lizard:

Armadillo lizards, sometimes known as armadillo girdled lizards, are tiny reptiles native to southern Africa.

They have armored scales and can roll into a ball for defense, similar to armadillos. Armadillo lizards have distinct characteristics and necessitate specific care.

Dumeril’s Monitor:

Dumeril’s monitor is a medium-sized monitor lizard native to Madagascar. They have a dark coat with yellow stripes and are recognized for their calm demeanor.

Dumeril’s monitors demand big habitats and can be a tough but rewarding pet.

African Fat-Tailed Gecko:

African fat-tailed geckos are similar to leopard geckos but have a fatter tail.

They are nocturnal and have a gentle temperament, making them ideal for new reptile caretakers.

Plumed Basilisk:

Plumed basilisks, sometimes known as green basilisks or Jesus lizards, are arboreal lizards native to Central America.

They are named after their ability to run on water. These lizards have remarkable appearances and require large enclosures with climbing opportunities.

Remember to properly understand the care requirements of any reptile species you are considering as a pet to ensure you can offer them with the right environment and care they require.

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