Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 14 Plus and Why

In the last article we have shared 5 reasons to buy the Apple iPhone 14 Plus, in this one, read the three reasons to skip the iPhone 14 Plus.

Just a 60 fps display

As of the year 2022, we would want to argue that a 120Hz display is not a Pro feature. However, only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max include the ProMotion display. A bump to 90Hz would have been great, especially for more fluid scrolling and animations.

While most Android phones in this price bracket provide refresh rates of 120Hz, the iPhone 14 Plus is limited at only 60Hz.

No telephoto lens zoom.

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The iPhone 14 Plus’s screen is now larger, but the camera still lacks zoom functionality. Both the optical and digital zoom are limited to a maximum of 5x magnification, and the telephoto feature is completely absent. The Galaxy S22, in the meantime, has a digital zoom range of up to 30 times the optical zoom. The Google Pixel 6 Pro (which will be succeeded by the Pixel 7 Pro) features a 4x optical zoom in addition to 20x digital zoom.

There is no greater iPhone zoom than the 3x optical and 15x digital zoom found in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The SIM card slot removal tray has been removed

As with the iPhone 14 series, Apple has eliminated the SIM Card tray in favour of eSIM functionality. The iPhone 14 Plus has the added benefit of supporting dual SIM cards, so you may use two separate phone numbers (perhaps one for work and one for personal usage).

Apple claims that their eSIM technology enables users to instantly connect or switch between plans, but we predict that some customers may regret the versatility of having a real SIM card alternative.

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The Future of the iPhone 14 Plus

Comparing the iPhone 14 Plus to the iPhone 13 series on paper doesn’t reveal any major improvements, but if you’re looking for a large display and aren’t willing to spend as much as on the iPhone 14 Pro, it’s worth checking out. You get a huge 6.7-inch display, upgraded cameras, and excellent A15 Bionic performance at a fair price.

However, for a handset costing $899, the lack of a 120Hz display and optical zoom is disappointing, especially when compared to the top Android phones. However, some people might miss the SIM card tray.

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