This Samsung Ad Mocks iPhones Again

Samsung released a new commercial featuring a lady named ‘Elena’ who gets introduced to the Samsung Flip Phone, suffers through the decision of switching to the new Samsung Flip phone, as she refuses to choose other alternatives over her existing phone, a behavior similarly found in iPhone users.

Details you must know

  • A new commercial for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 by Samsung pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone.
  • The ad shows off the clamshell foldable phone’s Flex Mode, its palm gesture for taking selfies, and other features.
  • Naturally, Samsung is aiming to sway iPhone users to the Flip.
  • This year’s introduction of the iPhone 14 is not the first time Samsung has made fun of Apple after the release of a new iPhone. Attempting to sway iPhone users to upgrade to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung has released a new advertisement.

The commercial mocks Apple’s iPhone once again by showing how nearly everything we use, from castanets and books to toilet seats, can be folded and unfolded like Samsung’s new clamshell foldable phone. Samsung launched the commercial a few days after another one in which it poked fun at Apple for its purported lack of phone innovation.

Samsung New Flip 4 Foldable phone

In the opening scene, an individual using a Galaxy Z Flip 4 demonstrates the capabilities of her device to the protagonist, Elena, who is implied to be an iPhone user. Features like Flex mode and the possibility to take selfies with a palm gesture are highlighted in the commercial.

Although these features were appealing, Elena still preferred to use her phone “As much as I like their phones, I will never switch to Samsung. I love my phone.” It’s easy to see that the character stands in for the many iPhone owners who refuse to consider alternatives, such as some of the top Android handsets.

After seeing the foldable device for the first time, Elena couldn’t get the mental picture out of her mind, and she still gets flashbacks whenever she sees or uses something that folds up, such as a folding chair or a hardcover book.

Towards the video’s conclusion, Elena comes out of her Flip phone nightmare and makes an attempt to break her phone in two halves like the Samsung Flip. The phone survived the attempt to break it in half,  then Elena ordered the Flip 4 right away with the help of her same old non-flip phone.

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