7 Gorgeous Hairs Style to Rock Your Hair

Hairstyles from the 1970s are making a comeback, and we’re not mad about it.

The ’90s-inspired blowout may have had its moment on the runway, but we’d like to highlight another hairstyle from that era. The ’70s taught us anything, it was that big hair was in. (think Farrah Fawcett). The ethereal, voluminous hairstyles of the ’20s are making a comeback in 2022-23.

“A feathered hairstyle is best described as a cut with fine layers that are meant to resemble the delicate layering of a bird’s feathers. According to celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, “you can style this look with a side part or centre part, making it a versatile look that works for all face shapes.”

Feathered locks are not only a universally flattering style, but they can also be achieved regardless of your hair’s length. (although it does work better with finer, straight hair textures). You’re ready to level up your blowouts, right? Feathered cuts are in, so check out these that have been approved by stylists and take a screenshot for your next appointment.

Long Feathered Layers

If you have long hair and want a feathered cut, tell your stylist to feather the layers out towards the ends instead of cutting them all off at once. Tip: Having your hair cut so that it tapers off at the ends helps frame your face.

Feathered Long Bob

If you have short hair and want more dimension and volume, try a feathered haircut. You can go for a shaggy, feathered ’70s look by using a texturizing spray, or you can go for a sleek, ’90s-inspired blowout by emphasizing the layers.

Feathered Curtain Bangs

A feathered style on longer hair will look less choppy if shorter layers aren’t added to the front to frame the face.

Feathered and Fringed

Like to make a loud statement? Bangs look great with feathered hairstyles, say hairdressers. Convince your hairstylist to cut the layers so that they disappear into the fringe.

Feather Shaped Volume

Andrew suggests a razor for this style because “it creates texture throughout the layers of the style, enhancing the feathered look” and because the V shape the style takes is enhanced by the razor. The body and shape of this cut are very dynamic, and they remind me of the’mullet’ or ‘wolf cut.

Short Feathered Bob

Even if your hair is extremely short, you can still join the feathered hair trend. In fact, adding feathers to a bob makes it look like there’s more hair and depth there than there actually is.

Feathered Razor Cut

If you want your feathered hairstyle to have a certain amount of volume, this is a good example to show your stylist. The strands are airy and comfortable, and the short, razored sections work well with finer hair.

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