The Biggest Control Freak Zodiac Sign

For some people, failing is not an option. They’ll always offer to lead a project first because they want to succeed, and they’ll demand that everyone follow their procedures. They are unable to hand off the baton even if assistance is available. It’s possible that they are a little anxious, that feeling in control makes them feel comfortable, or that astrology is at play. Continue reading to learn about the signs of the zodiac that are the biggest control freaks, from slightly bossy to completely type-A, from astrologers.


Aquarians are renowned for their individuality and distinctiveness. They embrace their eccentricities and don’t appreciate attempts to force them to fit in.

According to Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and owner of Ryan’s Astrology, “They try feverishly to maintain an appearance of being different, which is a control issue that ultimately disconnects them from everyone else.”

They can come off as arrogant because they have a very strong point of view. According to Marquardt, “These people dominate discussions and disagreements, but they have to learn how to listen and accept other people’s thoughts and opinions.”
Aquarius ultimately wants to share their ideas, so if a project calls for them to be actively involved, you can bet these air signs will always take the lead.


They’ll keep reminding you that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

According to Mediumchat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet, this aggressive sign always has its eye on the prize. They are always the team captain and dislike having their judgement called into question.

When they are in charge, these fire signs are at their most at ease. They occasionally lose their composure and may not be as cool-headed, but the majority of the time, they are willing to put everything they have into any situation.

Failure is never an option for an Aries because they always pursue their goals.


The astrological sign most closely linked to security and stability is Taurus. Bennet refers to them as bulls who don’t like to share because they like things done a certain way.

In actuality, though, this sign prefers the known and finds it difficult to recover after being diverted from their course.

According to Marquardt, “Taurus is a fixed earth sign and is known for being stubborn and resistant to change, which causes them to act in ways that can be perceived as being too controlling.”

They will make every effort to avoid unforeseen circumstances.


Leos enjoy having control, but perhaps not to the same extent as some other signs.

They aspire to command attention. They will exert extra effort to draw attention to themselves if they don’t feel like the centre of attention.

According to Bennet, “They curate their reality to show themselves in the best light, controlling both the people and the circumstances.”

Although these fire signs enjoy the spotlight, they actually take criticism well and want to keep improving—but only if they’re the ones telling the story.


Virgo is regarded as the biggest perfectionist in the zodiac and is utterly practical.

According to Bennet, “They simply assume control because they don’t trust anyone else to do it properly.” They enjoy creating tasks for others to complete and are very meticulous.

They feel content when they’re busy, and if something goes wrong, they’ll become worried. The Virgo sign is known for being an over-thinker, and they are control freaks by nature.

People will be more accepting of Virgo if they learn to provide more encouraging feedback and constructive criticism, according to Marquardt, and they won’t come across as being as controlling. However, good luck convincing these earth signs to alter their behaviour.


Scorpios detest being told what to do by others. Due to their inability to trust others to perform tasks that they are capable of performing themselves, they are the biggest control freaks in the zodiac.

When highly evolved, Scorpio can be cooperative and open, but until they learn to build relationships based on trust, Marquardt claims they tend to be distant and overly preoccupied with their own needs.

They will still be the puppeteer controlling everything, even if they appear to be taking a backseat.

Additionally, these water signs are the best at managing their own image. According to Marquardt, they suppress a lot of who they really are in an effort to present a particular persona.

It might be wisest to simply let fiery Scorpio act as the ringleader.

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