Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst

Curious as to how your boyfriend’s zodiac sign stacks up against the rest? According to astrology, this list examines which zodiac signs make the best partners and which ones may be a waste of time.



Despite their negative reputation, All the charm and charisma in the world can’t make up for the depth and complexity of a Scorpio man. If you can win a Scorpio man’s love and devotion, you will have a loyal partner for life. The best boyfriend is a Cancer, because they are the most devoted of all the signs.

They may seem complex on the outside, but once you get to know them, you’ll see that they really do have a good heart. Know that they have a need for privacy if you’re dating one.

One who gets and appreciates that is the ideal partner. Someone who has thick skin because, no matter how noble their motives, they are unflinchingly honest. However, they will go to any lengths to ensure your satisfaction.

For Girlfriend: Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best



Geminis are quick to trust and can confidently predict someone’s future just by looking at them. An ideal gentleman is a man born under the twin signs of Gemini.

Their actions are always courteous and deferential. Their ability to empathise with others and see things from their perspective rather than their own are two of their best traits.

You can count on them to always come through for you. You will be inspired to push yourself further and further as a person and as an individual when you have them as a boyfriend.

For Girlfriend: Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best



Among the Zodiac, those born under the sign of Libra are the most tranquil. A Libra man will always go out of his way to avoid an argument if one arises in a relationship.

They are able to strategically choose their battles. When they do, however, they choose to stand up for what they believe in and ultimately prevail.

When compared to other signs, Libras stand out as the funniest and most engaging. They go above and beyond in how they treat their partners.

They don’t consider their own needs, but rather give until they have nothing left to give. They will always be there for you if you ever need them, and they will help you in any way they can if you put your mind to it.

They may be the life of the party when you walk in, but don’t let that put you off; what really matters to them is having a friend like you there to celebrate with them.

For Girlfriend: Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best



Aries Men have a tendency to take charge of every interaction they have. A woman who presents an intellectual or physical challenge to a man is much more likely to capture his attention.

Never in their life will they marry a weak woman. Nonetheless, this individual is the type who expects others to earn their respect and attention.

In reality, they are not as confident as they make it seem. Because if you manage to penetrate their defences, you’ll get a glimpse of a side of him that no one else will ever see. Once you’ve won someone over, they’ll agree with anything you say.

For Girlfriend: Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best

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  1. I’m a Libra and I carry my qualities for always. I’m very proud of being a Libra!! What I’ve just read makes me feel very proud of myself. Peace and cheers!!


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