Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best

Curious about your current position? Finding out which zodiac signs make the best girlfriends and which ones could use some work is made easier with this astrological ranking. Check out where your star sign ranks!



Because Virgo women are so meticulous and methodical in all that they do, they work hard to ensure that their partnerships are just as spotless. They’re driving their partner crazy with that behaviour.

They will tell them what to wear and how to keep themselves clean and neat in their presence. A Virgo will not get along with someone who disagrees with them on this point of view.

Her self-doubt is undoubtedly her greatest flaw. She has become her own harshest critic as she strives for perfection. In her mind, there is always something about herself that is lacking.

Because of the damage done to her sense of self-worth, she needs her partner’s constant reassurance and approval, which can become tiring after a while.

Consequently, Virgo females are prone to jealousy. They are obsessed with tracking their partner’s whereabouts and how much time they spend apart, despite the fact that this does little to strengthen their relationship.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



Date a Scorpio woman if you’re willing to put in the effort to really get to know her. Their hard exterior belies a gentle spirit, but first impressions can be deceiving.

It’s in their nature to micromanage every aspect of their lives, including how their relationship develops. They are aware of it as their greatest flaw, but there are times when they just can’t help themselves.

When it comes to picking a partner for a committed relationship, they have lofty expectations and don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

They are not the type to settle for second best, so a man must step up his game if he wants to be with a Scorpio.

Truthfulness is both a strength and a weakness in them. A lot of people just can’t take the truth.

That’s why a Scorpio woman needs someone tough who welcomes that honesty, no matter how harsh it might be.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



An Aries female typically lacks patience. There’s no time to waste; she wants it all, and she wants it now.

As a result, things move pretty quickly in her relationship.

She likes to feel like she is in control and that she has the last say in everything.

She is very dominant, that’s why she needs someone who is totally opposite to her to be able to sustain the relationship.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



A Taurus woman is the quintessential strong, independent woman; in fact, she rarely asks a man for help or advice, leaving men to feel helpless in her presence.

A Taurus likes to build things slowly, so they don’t rush into things. Women quickly get rid of men who take them for granted or play mind games with them.

She needs a guy who initiates communication first, both by phone and text, and who makes genuine attempts to spend time with her. She gives as good as she gets, both in terms of warmth and icyness. She has no intention of chasing anyone down.

Though her heart is big, she never lets it get in the way of her mind or her gut. Because of this, she has no enemies.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst

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