9 Reasons Why Yorkshire Terrier Is Right for You!

Why dogs need good homes and owners

When you hear the word “dog,” do the names Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, or Lassie come to mind? All of these dogs are well-known and do good things in our culture.

Still, every year in the US alone, millions of dogs are taken to animal shelters, and tens of thousands of them are killed.

Even though this is sad, there were about 10,000 puppy mills in the United States in early 2023 that were cranking out puppies at an alarming rate.

Since this number isn’t likely to change soon, it’s easy to see why dogs need owners and good homes more than ever.

You could also make a very good case that people need dogs just as much as dogs need people.

Scientists have found that dogs help people in important ways with their bodies, minds, and emotions.

The Yorkie, which is short for Yorkshire Terrier, is a great dog breed that makes a great friend.

What makes Yorkies such good pets?

The best answers to this question are listed below. Be warned: If you read this, you might not be able to stop thinking about these cute dogs.

They are devoted companions

Yorkies got their name from the fact that they were bred to catch and kill rats in factories and mines, but now they are known more for being cute, loyal, and loving pets.

Yorkies are very loving, cute, and cuddly dogs who want to be held and cuddled.

The Yorkshire Terrier was the 13th most popular dog breed in 2021, according to the annual list made by the American Kennel Club.

In fact, a lot of their popularity comes from how much they love and stick with their human owners. They want to be with people and are great pets because of this.

The fact that they are small is a plus

Some dog lovers might say that Yorkshire Terriers are too small and too fragile because they are so small. But because they are so small, they make great pets.

Yorkies don’t need much space to be comfortable, and they’re also easy to move around and take care of.

Because of this, they are great pets for older people and people who have trouble moving around.

The Yorkie’s small size means that owners can take them places where many other dogs can’t.

They can be carried into stores and can even sit in the cabin of an airplane instead of the cold and often dangerous cargo hold.

Instead of being a downside, their small size makes them a great pet because you can take them with you wherever you go.

They make great guard dogs

When we say that Yorkshire Terriers are great watchdogs, we don’t mean that they can protect their owner physically.

That is way too big for a Yorkie. Still, they are very protective of their owners and have an excellent sense of hearing.

When someone new comes to the house, these great guard dogs will bark nonstop to let their owners know.

No one will be able to get close to the owner without first having to deal with the Yorkshire Terrier, which is a very good early warning system.

They Know What They’re Doing

Even though Yorkies don’t make the top 10 list of smartest dogs, they are above average in all area.

Yorkies were originally made to work, so they had to be smarter than average so they could be trained easily.

Any dog owner would be very lucky to have a pet that can be trained quickly and without much trouble.

After all, dogs were first kept as pets because of their unique ability to follow directions. It’s a big plus that Yorkies are so good at it.

They won’t make you sick

Due to allergies, many people who would like to have a dog and make it part of their family can’t.

People with allergies or asthma can’t own a dog because they shed so much fur.

But the Yorkshire Terrier is known as a breed that doesn’t cause allergies, which means that allergy sufferers can own a dog.

The real definition of hypoallergenic is “designed to reduce or minimize the chance of an allergic reaction, such as by having few or no substances that could cause irritation.”

The Yorkie fits right in with this group, and it is one of the best hypoallergenic dogs.

Even though no dog is completely allergy-free, the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the best dogs for people with allergies and asthma.

It’s easy to clean and keep up.

One of the things that most dog owners don’t like is having to clean up their dog’s fur all the time.

It means that you have to vacuum all the time. But the Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t shed much because it has hair instead of fur.

Because their hair can grow long, Yorkies don’t shed as often as dogs with short fur, which sheds quickly.

Yorkies lose hair, just like people do, but at a much slower rate than most other dog breeds.

This makes the house cleaner and reduces the amount of work that needs to be done to keep it that way.

They make great therapy dogs.

For many people, the world can be a very scary and stressful place.

People who have problems with their mental health, like anxiety or depression, often use therapy dogs to help reduce and manage their symptoms, such as anger, high blood pressure, and withdrawing from society.

Because they are so friendly, loving, and affectionate, Yorkshire Terriers make great therapy dogs. In fact, Smoky, a Yorkie, was the first therapy dog.

During World War II, he spent his time in the hospital comforting injured and recovering soldiers. Yorkies can make anyone’s day better in a special way.

They don’t need to move around a lot.

It’s true that all dogs need to move around in some way. It helps them grow physically, gets rid of excess energy, and learn how to get along with others.

Still, it’s also true that some dogs need a lot more activity than others.

Yorkshire Terriers are on the low end of the scale because they don’t need very much activity.

Yorkies get more than enough exercise from short walks around the neighborhood.

People who work long hours and don’t always have time to take their dog for a long walk after work might like the idea of not having to spend a lot of time exercising their dog.

Even though Yorkies still need a lot of attention and play, they don’t need as much exercise as dogs of larger breeds.

They can’t walk for as long as bigger dogs do, and dog parks can be too dangerous for them.

They don’t need as much food.

In these uncertain economic times, every dollar helps. Most people have to stick to tight budgets in order to make ends meet.

Every day, people have less money to spend. In this kind of situation, being able to save money on pet food is a plus.

No one wants their dog to go hungry, but it’s a simple fact that feeding dogs the right food is expensive, and some dogs eat a lot more than others.

Yorkies are a very small breed, and most of them weigh between 4 and 8 pounds. They also have tiny stomachs and a reputation for being picky eaters.

Taking all of these things into account, a bag of dog food for Yorkies usually lasts a very long time. They don’t cost very much to feed.

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