Chatgpt Add on to Automate Your Life

ChatGPT can be used to automate simple daily routines, work operations, and workflows. One technique for accomplishing this is to train the model on specific business-related tasks or data, such as frequently asked questions or typical customer interactions.

After training, the model can be integrated into a chatbot or other application to perform these activities automatically.

WhatsApp Automation with God In A Box

A ChatGPT-powered personal assistant may help you automate a variety of tasks, such as arranging appointments, sending emails, setting reminders, and more.

Consider yourself in the middle of a WhatsApp chat and suddenly finding yourself at a loss for words or without new conversation starters.

Anyone can have that experience, but it should no longer be a cause for fear.

Now we can use the extension “God in a Box.” ChatGPT starts a WhatsApp chat with the assistance of this extension. To utilize ChatGPT on WhatsApp, you only need to signup.

VSCode Automation with Code GPT

With the “CodeGPT” Extension, you can increase your programming productivity!

Are you looking for a way to boost your programming productivity? Get the VSCode extension “CodeGPT” right now!

This plugin’s several functionalities will increase your productivity. CodeGPT allows you to generate code, explain code, ask questions, refactor code, document code, and find flaws with your code.

To produce code, simply type a comment and press cmd-shift-i. The desired code will be displayed in the new window that appears. Today, give it a shot and see how CodeGPT affects you!

ChatGPT on Google Chrome via Merlin

Download “Merlin” if you want to fully utilize ChatGPT on Google Chrome.

You may utilize ChatGPT’s features with Merlin on websites such as Gmail and Google Sheets, as well as wherever else you browse and write online.

Merlin, like ChatGPT, allows you to do a range of functions. Among them are the following:

Summarize the content of any website: Press cmd + M to have Merlin generate a summary based on the text you’ve chosen.

While ChatGPT can be used to automate specific processes, it is not a stand-alone solution and must be combined with other software or platforms to fully automate your life. Furthermore, the employment of chatbots or AI personal assistants for scheduling and other duties may not be a replacement for human connection, as they may lack the human touch and are incapable of dealing with unforeseen occurrences or nuances.

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