Google Is Working on Android ‘Clear Calling’

The first beta version of the Android 13 quarterly release features a brand new feature called “clear calling,” which, according to the developers, “reduces background sounds while calls are in progress.” On Twitter, Mishaal Rahman was the first person to notice it, and he also gave guidelines on how you may activate it for yourself without having root access, if you’re feeling brave.

In the photographs that Rahman has given, it is stated that Clear Calling is functional “on most mobile networks,” that it is “not accessible for Wi-Fi calling,” and that Google does not get the content of your phone calls.

Google has been working hard to improve its noise cancellation capabilities (as well as its bespoke six-core audio processors) for some time now. To begin, and most impressively, by utilising AI to reduce background noises in Google Meet. These noises include the cracking of food bags, the clicking of keyboards, and the barking of dogs. More recently, with the release of the $199 Pixel Buds Pro, which are the first earbuds produced by the firm to have active noise cancelling.

My coworker Chris Welch, who is more knowledgeable than anyone else I know about noise-cancelation technology (and unannounced Sonos speakers), described the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature on the Pixel Buds Pro as “more than competent,” despite the fact that it will not displace Sony or Bose as the industry leaders anytime soon. Not bad for a first attempt; but, let’s see how well Google does with good old-fashioned phone calls now.

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