OPPO Launches a Smartphone with a Single Piece Gorilla Glass Back

The rear cover of OPPO’s newest Reno series smartphone is crafted from a single slab of Gorilla Glass, allowing for exceptional precision and durability.

The design team at OPPO studied how people handle and use their phones in order to create a “burdenless” smartphone with a seamless cover.

The resulting Reno8 Pro smartphone features a rear cover crafted from a solid slab of Gorilla Glass.

The usage of glass for smartphone back covers has necessitated the use of a different material for the housing of the camera module in many smartphone designs.

Dual-material covers attract dust at their seams and might be difficult to hold if you rest your index finger on the back of the device while you use it.

There is only one back cover on the Reno8 Pro, and it curves at an angle of 75 degrees to accommodate the camera module.

Reno8 Design explains that the camera module should “feel like it is rising up from the water,” as if the ripples on the surface had consolidated just before the smartphone is about to emerge from the body of water while remaining integrally tied to it.

Inspired by this lyrical rendering, Reno8 Pro’s rear cover’s design team used the golden ratio to delineate the camera region, resulting in the conspicuous lens module seen in the top left corner.

The gentle curve follows the shape of the user’s hand, making the phone easy to grasp and preventing dirt from collecting on its surface.

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OPPO Reno8 Pro Single Piece Gorilla Glass Back

The glass is subjected to temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius and pressures of up to 120 kg during the hot forging process used to create the cover.

The glass is produced using a mould that has undergone a three-stage, half-day polishing procedure, and then further eight-stage polishing processes are conducted directly on the glass to eliminate any undesired textures or regions of unevenness.

In order to achieve an ultra-fine and smooth finish, the glass rear cover is meticulously polished on both the front and back.

While maintaining its right-angle look, the Reno8 Pro’s modest bevel-cut design on its mid-frame softens the harsh feeling experienced when holding the phone.

Curves on the rear cover’s vertices were painstakingly generated using an arithmetic sequence, establishing a nice mix between mathematical rhythm and beauty.

Moreover, engineers have successfully reduced the thickness of the smartphone to roughly 7.34 millimetres by rearranging its internal components in a new way. This makes it the thinnest Reno series phone to yet.

Reno8 Pro comes in two colors, a soothing green and a classic black, both of which are reminiscent of porcelain glazing processes.

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