I Lost 75 Lbs. On A Plant-Based Diet’ | ‘When I Started Eating A Plant-Based Diet And Walking For Weight Loss, My Body Changed Almost Instantly’

In the early months of 2019, at 28 years old, I found myself at my heaviest weight of 220 pounds. Simultaneously, I was navigating a recent divorce from my then-husband of six years. Amidst the challenges and personal upheavals, I hadn’t fully recognized the extent of the weight I had gained. It became clear to me that I needed to instigate positive changes in my life to progress in a healthier direction.

I was motivated to go plant-based came after seeing a picture of myself that made me feel shocked by how much my body had changed.

Recognizing the need for inner healing, I embarked on a journey to mend myself from the inside out. I became committed to transforming my lifestyle for the better and altering the trajectory of my life. Knowing that my children were observing me as their role model, I was determined to set a different and positive example for them.

After extensive research into plant-based diets, I initially adopted a vegan eating plan, not fully understanding its nuances. Further exploration, including documentaries and inspiration from figures like Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle, led me to transition to a plant-based diet. While a vegan diet excludes all animal products, a plant-based diet primarily emphasizes food derived from plants, allowing some flexibility with meat consumption.

The decision to eliminate meat and dairy had a profound impact on various aspects of my life, including motivation, skin health, and, notably, weight loss. Embracing a plant-based lifestyle became a serious commitment for me. I took the journey earnestly, dedicating myself to substituting meat with more favorable protein options.

My daily eating routine now looks like this:

  • Breakfast: A smoothie accompanied by avocado toast
  • Lunch: A veggie sandwich
  • Snacks: A fruit bowl
  • Dinner: Cauliflower steak paired with mashed potatoes, gravy, sautéed asparagus, and a freshly squeezed juice
  • Dessert: Vegan banana walnut ice cream

In terms of exercise, I prefer to keep it simple by incorporating regular walks into my routine. While I aim for longer walks once or twice a week, my busy and active job schedule makes it challenging to maintain a more structured workout routine.

In nine months, I lost a total of 75 pounds.

While my primary goal was weight loss, I recognized the importance of prioritizing inner healing. It’s common to view weight loss as a milestone, thinking that once the weight is shed, the journey is complete. However, I learned that it’s crucial to shift this perspective and embrace weight loss as a lifestyle.

To cultivate this new mindset, I openly shared my journey with others, finding support and realizing that I wasn’t alone. I refused to let a single “bad” meal derail my progress into a series of bad days.

I live by a motto: Eat healthy, stay active, and stay blessed. The journey became more manageable when I stopped viewing it as a race to a finish line, striving to become a new person. Instead, I focused on the process of becoming healthy, placing less emphasis on a specific number on the scale.

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