Signs Your Cat Likes You

There’s a frequent misconception that although dogs are affectionate and loyal, cats are cold and unfeeling toward humans. However, as many cat owners are well aware, stereotypes are frequently based on myth and misunderstanding rather than true reality.

Cats love their humans, according to research, and they can demonstrate it in a variety of ways.

Your kitty purrs around you

Cats purr for a variety of reasons, according to feline behaviorists, but purring is thought to begin as a means of communication and bonding between kittens and their mothers. If your cat purrs contentedly while she’s near you, she probably feels linked to you as well.

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They sit on you

Cats attack on their prey, but if your cat comes over and calmly sits on you, it’s an indication of trust and affection. This is especially true if your cat is purring at the same time.

And what about kneading (rhythmically flexing and pushing with the paws)? You can bet your cat considers you family—there are numerous ideas as to why cats knead, and almost all of them include comfort and affection.

You’ve seen the ‘slow blink’

Cats’ facial characteristics are particularly expressive, particularly their eyes. If you notice your cat giving you a long, drawn-out blink in the middle of staring at you, it means they are relaxed in your presence and exhibiting trust and affection. Try gently blinking back to demonstrate your agreement.

You have a sleeping buddy

Your cat sleeps a lot, in case you haven’t noticed. Cats, like most animals, are most vulnerable when they are sleeping. As a result, kids will only sleep in places where they feel safe and comfortable. Congratulations if that describes you! Your cat clearly views you favorably.

They bring you gifts

Cats, while not innate pack animals, may and do establish social groups or “colonies.” Cats, as natural hunters, are drawn to attack fast-moving things and seize “prey.”

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Whether it’s a toy or an actual little animal, your cat delivering you one of these gifts is a symbol of care and commitment. In other words, they consider you to be an important member of their family.

Head bumping happens

Does your pal approach you and nudge her head against you? She may appear to be playing, but cat behaviorists believe this is a very intense kind of affection. According to Mental Floss, this is an activity known as head “bunting,” and it is normally reserved for members of a cat’s colony.

However, don’t confuse head bumping with continuous head pushing, which cats may do when in pain. If your cat is rubbing her head against you or your furniture, or making weird noises, she may require medical attention.

You’re being followed

Have you ever noticed how your cat follows you around the house? There are various causes for this, ranging from a desire for food to anxiety, but in many cases, your cat simply appreciates your presence and wishes to be with you.

If it’s not feeding time and your cat isn’t behaving like he wants anything, he’s probably simply trying to soak up your attention.

You’ve seen your cat’s belly, a lot

You’re clearly someone important if you’re used to your cat rolling over to display her belly to you. Cats are vulnerable in this position, therefore they will only do it around persons with whom they are entirely comfortable. If it isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

However, just because your cat is showing you her tummy does not necessarily indicate she wants belly rubs. While some cats appreciate being petted here, many others do not. Pay close attention to the rest of your cat’s body language to prevent getting scratched and to keep your loving bond going.

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