7 Types of Yorkie Breeds

Original Yorkshire Terrier

The simple Yorkshire terrier has numerous records for being the world’s smallest dog. They are noted for being energetic, attention-seeking dogs who are always up for an adventure. The fact that these dogs come in black, gold, tan, and blue tones is maybe their most noticeable aspect. Blue and gold, black and tan, blue and tan, and black and gold are the pairings.

Their fur can be rather long and requires grooming, thus long-haired and short-haired varieties of the animal can be found during competitions. When perfectly groomed, the Yorkie is a sight to behold.

They are noted for having a variety of fantastic characteristics in addition to being attractive creatures. Because they sweat so little, these dogs, for example, are hypoallergenic. While Yorkies are excellent companions, they can easily get lonely. They get along nicely with other pets in the house, as do most breeds!

Black Yorkies

Although you’re probably used to seeing Yorkies in blue and gold, black and tan, blue and tan, or black and gold, the fact is that they can be completely black. Black Yorkies are extremely rare, and they are almost certainly not purebred when they are all black.

The dogs they can be bred with to attain an all-black look vary, but you can be confident that they are not descended from Yorkies. As a result, they may have a distinct personality when compared to purebred Yorkies from the opposite parent. They will almost certainly make an adorable partner for you.

Designer Yorkies or Yorkie Mixes

Yorkies are lovely canines that many people desire to cross with other breeds. Designer Yorkies or Yorkie Mixes are what they’re called. Someone might desire to cross a Yorkie with a fox terrier to create a “Torkie.”

Chihuahuas and bichon frises are two more popular breeds to cross with the Yorkie to create designer dogs. Surprisingly, it is commonly assumed that Designer Yorkies adopt the disposition of the dog that is mixed with the Yorkie. That implies your Chorkie will be a loud, little pup!

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

The Biewer terrier (pronounced like Beaver) is a Yorkie breed with a dubious but recent origin in the 1980s. This offshoot is notable for its distinct colouring, which includes a significant amount of white in addition to the typical Yorkie colours.

This dog breed was thoroughly examined, and it was concluded that it is an independent Yorkie-based breed. They contain elements of Yorkies, Maltese, Havanese, and bichon frisé.

Parti Yorkies

They have two-color coats that occur in a few variants, as we described while discussing the original Yorkie breed. Blue and gold, black and tan, blue and tan, and black and gold are among the colours available. Parti Yorkies are distinguished by the fact that they can have three colours in their coat.

These dogs are notable for their unusual colour combinations. Even their name is amusing! But don’t be concerned. They are only as entertaining as their usual breed.

Mismarked Yorkies

Yorkie purists are a strange breed. They grade dogs depending on the consistency of their coats. Not everyone wants a Yorkie breed that looks the same, which is wonderful. Mismarked Yorkies are not a different breed of Yorkie, but rather one of the canines with unusual colorations and markings.

These “mismarkings” occur rather regularly, therefore it’s not uncommon to come across one of these dogs. However, having a mislabeled Yorkie will save you from losing them in a throng.

Teacup Yorkies

Yorkies are well-known for being extremely little dogs. A teacup Yorkie, on the other hand, is a much smaller variant of the Yorkie. Teacup Yorkies are approximately 9 inches height at the shoulder and weigh 6-7 pounds.

These are really small dogs that are purebred and can fit in a handbag, so you can securely take them on tube rides in most cities. The only disadvantage is that they are susceptible to health problems. You must look after your puppy if you want it to have a long and healthy life!

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