World’s Most Obedient Dog Breeds

When it comes to obedience, a dog’s intelligence isn’t the only thing that matters. Some breeds can be very smart, but they may also be independent thinkers who are known for being stubborn. And that can make it hard to know when to obey. Most of the time, the dog breeds that are good at obedience are smart, eager to please, and excited to learn. Even though it depends on the dog, many of these dogs respond very well to treats and other forms of positive reinforcement. Some people are just good at their jobs, which lets them focus on training.

Here are 10 of the most trainable dog breeds.

Border Collie

People often think that border collies are one of the smartest dog breeds. Because they are smart, quick to learn, and in tune with their owners, they are very obedient dogs.

They are also hard workers who do well when given a job. But even though they are easy to train, they need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored. If you don’t, they might start doing bad things, like breaking things around the house.

German Shepard

The German shepherd is another dog that was made to be responsive and obedient and is very smart. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that German shepherds are often used by police and as service dogs.

These dogs are very loyal to their families and watch out for them. Without the right training and socialization, this can turn into aggression toward strangers.

Golden Retriever

There’s a good reason why golden retrievers are popular family pets. Most of the time, they are very loving, patient, and gentle, and they have a cute enthusiasm for life.

People say that Goldens are very eager to please. This, along with the fact that they are smart, makes them very easy to train. Also, they like to eat a lot and will do almost anything for a treat.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are a lot like golden retrievers in a lot of ways. They are another breed that is often trained as a service dog because they are smart, enthusiastic, and calm and gentle.

Also, they are known for being great at finding things. Just like with Goldens, giving Labs food rewards is a great way to train them. Just watch how much you feed them, because Labs tend to get fat.


Vizslas usually have a lot of energy, loyalty, intelligence, and stamina. They tend to want to please their owners, and they get very close to them.

Because of this, they are often called “Velcro dogs.” Vizslas need a lot of exercise, and training is a great way for them to get rid of some of their excess energy. Dog sports are a great way for these dogs to work out both their bodies and their minds.

English Springer Spaniel

The English springer spaniel might be a good choice if you want a dog with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and a strong desire to please.

This breed is always happy and busy. Its tail is always wagging, and it loves having a job to do. It is also very good at retrieving things and has a very good nose, which can be used in dog sports. These dogs would do best in a busy home where they can get a lot of exercise.


A lot of the poodle’s popularity comes from the way it looks, which is elegant and well-groomed. But this type of dog is also very smart and eager to please.

Most poodles are very loyal to their owners and love to learn new things. As long as training is fun for them, they can learn complicated tricks quickly. Because they are so athletic, they also do well in dog sports like agility.


In general, the keeshond is smart, loyal, friendly, gentle, and easy to train. These dogs are very aware and interested, and even though they’re usually calm, they’re always taking everything in.

Plus, they are very eager to try new things and, because they are athletic, do well when they learn new dog sports. But keeshonds were made to be watchdogs, so you may need to give them more training to keep them from barking too much.


The small Havanese dog breed is usually friendly, easy to train, and smart. It is also known for being easier to train than a lot of other small dog breeds, which can sometimes be a bit stubborn.

During training, the Havanese is usually very attentive and eager to please, especially when he or she gets a lot of praise. The breed also often takes part in dog sports and obedience competitions.

Manchester Terrier

Terriers are known for being smart but also have a reputation for being strong-willed and stubborn. But Manchester terriers are usually more responsive and easier to train than other terriers, even though they are just as smart.

These dogs like to be busy and have something to do, which helps them pay attention when they are being trained. As long as training sessions are fun and difficult, they should be more interested in mental challenges than in being stubborn.

Avoid these breeds

If you want a dog that can learn and reliably do hard tricks or tasks, you might want to stay away from some breeds. It’s not because these dogs are stupid. They just tend to be independent and stubborn, which can make it hard to train them. The Afghan hound, Pekingese, Basenji, Borzoi, and Shiba Inu are all examples of this type of dog.

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  1. Doberman Pinchers are an awsome dog. I’ve had a male and a female, personally the female is much smarter than the males. The males are awesome protective dogs while both of them are awsome and very protective of kids and women.


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