Top 10 Dog Breeds That Resemble Foxes

Spitz breeds are common among dogs that look like foxes. They are usually intelligent, lively, and shed a lot. Spitzes are double-coated dogs with perky ears, pointed muzzles, and curly or bushy tails that favor cold climates. These spitz features are responsible for the canines’ foxy appearance.

Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a Japanese spitz breed that was originally intended for hunting. These bright, independent dogs can be difficult to train and might develop difficulties such as possessiveness and violence.

They’re a caring and loyal breed to their families, yet they might be suspicious of strangers. They require a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy.


The Akita, sometimes known as the “silent hunter,” is the largest Japanese spitz breed. They are shy, temperamental canines who can be challenging to teach.

However, they are fiercely loyal and have traditionally acted as guard and hunting dogs. Akitas, as a high-energy breed, demand vigorous daily exercise.

While they are normally reserved with outsiders, Akitas may be funny and affectionate with their family.

American Eskimo

The snowy white Arctic fox resembles the American Eskimo dog. These dogs are devoted, loyal, and protective watchdogs for their owners.

They also enjoy playing outside, even in cold weather, and get along well with children. Their thick coats shed a lot and require careful upkeep.


The lively, independent schipperke resembles a little black fox. These dogs are normally loyal and loving, however they have a habit of barking.

They enjoy participating in daily activities, particularly outdoor exercise, with their family and are interested and playful. However, one of my pet peeves is that they will run away to chase a squirrel or other wildlife.


The Samoyed is another spitz breed that evolved in the Arctic, namely in Russia’s Siberian region. Historically, these strong and intelligent canines were developed to pull sleds on polar expeditions.

They are now mostly kept as friendly and playful family pets, while they still have a strong tendency to chase small animals. They get along well with kids and other dogs, but they can be noisy.

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish spitz, often known as the barking bird dog, is a highly energetic breed that demands a large amount of daily exercise for both physical and mental well-being.

These dogs are wonderful family pets, but they are prone to barking out of boredom, especially if their activity requirements are not satisfied.

Nonetheless, for the proper household, particularly one with active youngsters, this is an excellent canine friend.

Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian elkhound is a cross between a hound and a spitz. It’s a playful and protective dog who makes an excellent pet and watchdog.

It craves human company and can suffer from separation anxiety. The Norwegian elkhound is an extremely active breed that requires daily activity.

These dogs get along well with children and other dogs in general, and they react well to training.

German Spitz

Because of its loving and affectionate temperament, the German spitz, also known as the Eskimo spitz, makes an excellent companion.

These dogs are typically devoted to their owners and excellent with children. They are also a smart, quick-learning breed, but they demand a lot of daily exercise.

They dislike strangers and are excellent watchdogs. They are usually simple to train.

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan klee kai resembles a lap-sized husky. These dogs are intelligent, playful, and extremely active. They are typically kind and loyal to their families, yet many are wary of outsiders.

Although they come in a variety of hues, the red-and-white variant resembles a red fox. This breed, in general, requires less intense exercise and playing than many other spitz breeds.


Many Chihuahuas, especially those with long coats, resemble the tiny, big-eared fennec fox. These dogs form tight bonds with their favorite humans but may be wary of other people and animals.

Despite their small size, they require a good amount of mental and physical exercise to stay happy, and they work best with adults and older children. They are also very protective and make excellent watchdogs.

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