10 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors and Retirees

Adopting a dog is not out of the question just because you are getting older or retired. A dog can be an excellent companion for an elderly person who lives alone or has more free time now that their working years are over.

A dog can even be a fantastic “baby” for an elderly couple whose own children have grown up and are on their own.

However, picking a dog in your golden years should be done with caution; dog breeds that were terrific companions when you were younger may not be the ideal options now. Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, and pugs are among breeds that make excellent elderly pets.

Bichon Frise

The fluffy tiny bichon frise is a happy and friendly dog who makes a great companion. With an average weight of 7 to 12 pounds, most individuals can readily handle this little breed.

Bichons are also fairly easy to teach. The bichon will need to be groomed on a regular basis but is otherwise low care.

Many bichon owners take their pets to a professional groomer once or twice a month. As long as it has company, moderate daily exercise is typically enough to keep the bichon healthy and happy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is a popular puppy-like spaniel that is kind and versatile. This little dog is most content while cuddling with its owner.

This breed weighs between 11 and 18 pounds and is easy to handle and train. Regular hair brushing, ear cleaning, and possibly the occasional trip to the groomer are all grooming requirements for the Cavalier.

Cavaliers are popular among people who enjoy little companion dogs that are suitable for apartment living.

French Bulldog

It’s nearly impossible to be unhappy around the cheerful Frenchie. French bulldogs are among the happiest canine breeds. They are small, muscular, and energetic canines.

They are, however, extremely manageable at 19 to 28 pounds. They have a lot of energy, but they don’t have much endurance. For this breed, moderate daily activity is generally sufficient.

Their grooming requirements are simple, but be careful of health risks such as brachycephalic syndrome and numerous skin conditions.


How might a racing dog benefit senior citizens? You might be shocked to learn that greyhounds are not the hyperactive canines that many people believe they are.

Although greyhounds like daily walks and the occasional run, the majority of them are couch potatoes who enjoy lounging around with their owners.

Despite their weight of 60 to 80 pounds, they are normally quite sensitive to training and easy to handle. If you enjoy big dogs but are afraid of handling them, the greyhound is a good choice.


A Maltese, like the bichon, is the archetypal tiny white lap dog. This breed prefers lying on its owner’s lap and taking short, gentle walks.

Its grooming requirements are similar to those of the bichon. It will require regular visits to a skilled groomer to keep its coat in good condition.

The Maltese is also relatively simple to train. This dog is lightweight, weighing approximately 4 to 7 pounds. You can even transport it in your bag.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The corgi is a tiny to medium-sized dog that makes an excellent companion. This breed is small enough for most people to handle, weighing between 24 and 30 pounds.

Corgis are intelligent and relatively simple to train. They’re also rather cute with their short little legs. Corgis, by nature a herding dog, require regular exercise, although daily walks suffice.

The corgi requires little grooming, which is a huge benefit.


If you want a small dog, a 3- to 7-pound Pom is another small dog that you can transport in your backpack. This breed is a kind and cheerful companion.

Your Pom will enjoy sleeping and playing with toys in your lap. Most importantly, this breed will love your company.


The poodle is one of the smartest canines, as well as one of the most popular dog breeds. The best part is that there are three sizes to choose from: tiny toy poodles, little miniature poodles, and larger standard poodles.

Poodles are loving and devoted companions. Poodles are quick learners who adapt easily to various types of families. Most poodles require only daily walks.

They must be properly groomed every month or two, but they are generally relatively easy to care for.

Shih Tzu

Another popular tiny dog is the shih tzu. The breed is lightweight, weighing between 9 and 16 pounds. Though the shih tzu has a bit of a stubborn character, most can be easily trained.

This breed requires daily walks as well as frequent grooming. Skin problems and brachycephalic condition are common in shih tzus.

West Highland White Terrier

Westies make great friends and are relatively easy to train. The breed is petite and not as frail as the Pomeranian or Maltese, weighing 13 to 20 pounds.

The Westie requires grooming on occasion, but not as frequently as the other canines on this list. Overall, the Westie is a sociable and low-maintenance dog.

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