10 Cutest Dog Breeds With Red Coat

While the color of a dog’s coat should not be the primary reason for selecting a specific breed, a red dog breed can be eye-catching on your daily walks. A dog’s coat can be any color, from black to white to many shades in between, including a gorgeous reddish hue.

Red also comes in a variety of shades, ranging from a shimmering golden tone with rich orange or chestnut highlights to rusty or liver red. Many breeds of all sizes and groups, including toys and working dogs, can sport this eye-catching ginger coloring.

Choosing a dog breed based on features and historical working applications that are matched to your needs is considerably more essential than coat color, and will assist you and your partner be better suited in the future than just aesthetics.

Remember that there are many mixed breed dogs available who may have the correct personality, exercise, and grooming needs to be a good fit in your family.

Irish Setter

The Irish setter has a rich, deep red coat. This sporting dog’s coat is stunning, and is frequently described as mahogany or chestnut. Their coats are beautiful, smooth, and glossy.

Brushing on a regular basis is required to keep this coat looking its best. In general, the Irish setter is a lively puppy with a nice temperament who enjoys frequent exercise and human companionship

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The coat of the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is medium in length and can range from golden to coppery red with white markings.

This breed is gaining popularity after being developed as a sporting dog for duck hunting. Tollers, despite being little for a retriever, have tremendous personalities.

They are affectionate and intelligent, and they require a great deal of mental and physical activity.

Irish Terrier

The Irish terrier is well-known for its flaming red coat and outgoing personality. These fearless but affectionate canines have coats that range from golden to ginger red.

The Irish terrier is recognizable by its distinctive beard. Brushing on a regular basis will keep the coat neat and tidy. You may need to take this breed to the groomer on occasion to help retain their distinctive appearance.

Because they seem to have no fear and are always ready to go, this dog makes an excellent companion for the adventurous, active person.

Because this breed is intelligent, strong-willed, and independent, training and early socialization are essential. They can be loyal but difficult to train, requiring early and regular reinforcement to retain good manners.


The dachshund may not be the first dog that springs to mind when considering red-coated breeds, but these well-known tiny dogs come in a wide range of colors, including a deep, rich red.

The coat of a doxie is classified into three types: smooth-coated, long-haired, and wire-haired. Smooth-coated dogs require less attention. Their short coats require only the odd bath or wipe down.

Longhaired individuals require more frequent brushing to keep their flowing locks tangle-free. This breed is also prone to dental illness, necessitating regular dental cleanings and care to preserve their teeth in good condition.

Redbone Coonhound

This hunting dog has a gorgeous sleek, shiny, short red coat. These pups are stunning to look at, with chiseled, muscular structures and glossy coats. This shorthaired dog breed makes grooming easy.

The use of a shedding tool on a weekly basis will keep the redbone coonhound’s coat bright and healthy. Spend the time you saved grooming on a healthy dose of daily activity for these dogs to stay balanced.

They often require employment, and nose work can be a gratifying occupation for this breed. They are also known to be highly vocal. This breed makes a fantastic running or hiking buddy.


The Vizsla is a stunning golden-red dog with a shiny, short coat and a lean, agile physique. This dog doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Because they lack an undercoat, they do not require frequent brushing.

To keep the coat glossy and healthy, use a shedding tool or grooming mitt on a regular basis. The Vizsla enjoys being physically and mentally active; give this breed lots of exercise and playtime to keep it happy and healthy.

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are energetic, intelligent, and covered in fur. These herding dogs have long, attractive coats with a variety of color patterns, including red and reddish merle and a calico-like blend of red, liver, and cream.

This breed’s long, gorgeous coat requires weekly brushing to keep it looking nice. When shedding season arrives, an undercoat rake can assist in removing dead hair from their double-layered coat.

Because of their intellect, this breed demands a lot of attention to keep their minds engaged in a positive way, and they excel at fieldwork, agility, and other canine sports. Plan on doing modest exercise every day, along with some mental activity.

Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a foxy red-coated dog with a golden to red coat, sharp ears, and a petite size. In fact, the quiet, distant attitude of this breed sometimes evokes comparisons to foxes.

This spitz thrives in moderately active, calm environments. Aside from their signature red coat, shiba inus can also have a black and tan coat.

This breed has a thick coat that sheds a lot, especially during molting season twice a year. Brushing frequently at these periods can help reduce the number of tufts of fur floating around the house.

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