10 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Make Perfect Pets

If your image of a cat is aloof and standoffish, you’ve certainly never met one of the friendliest cat breeds. Contrary to popular belief, some cats absolutely like humans and want to be near them all the time.

They are not only friendly to people of all ages, but many of them are also the friendliest cat breeds to dogs.

Maine Coon

With its tufted paws and soulful eyes, this shaggy, rough cat has fascinated families for years. Maine coons, who are playful and can be trained to perform tricks,

have been observed following their owners about the home and entertaining them with their antics. Even though this cat enjoys being a part of the action, it is not demanding or needy.

Rather, it’s a remarkable blend of freedom and loyalty.


The Abyssinian, one of the oldest cat breeds, is intelligent, curious, and passionately loyal. It adores people but prefers to be near them rather than on their laps.

This breed is smart, lively, and outgoing. It enjoys playing with humans, but will also entertain itself or other pets in the house.


The person who coined the phrase “man’s best friend” evidently has never met a Birman. This lovable feline is affectionate, lively, and ready to please.

It looks as sweet as it acts, with its bright blue eyes and precious features. The Birman is a perfect complement to a family with children and other pets, as well as a great cat for single people.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex is not only one of the friendliest cat breeds to humans, but it is also one of the friendliest to dogs and other pets.

This breed, with its unusual, bat-like ears, petite size, and huge, expressive eyes, is known for being lively and playful, and its coat is as velvety as a lamb’s.

Devon Rex

As the most social of all breeds, the Devon rex reigns supreme. This energetic, fun-loving cat will insist on remaining by its owner’s side and will be upset if they leave.

With its huge ears and tiny, elfin face, this cat’s temperament is as silly as its appearance, full of energy and shenanigans.


The ragdoll cat, which is large and lovable, was developed for its laid-back personality—hence its name, which refers to its tendency to go limp when hugged.

This lovely cat is polite and devoted. It’s not unusual for the ragdoll to welcome family members when they arrive home and spend hours snuggling by their side, staring at them with its stunning blue eyes.


According to owners, once you have a ragamuffin cat, you will never want another breed. The ragamuffin gets along well with children and other pets since it is sweet, docile, and even-tempered.

This lovely and cheerful-go-lucky kitty, with deep eyes and a silky long coat, is just as happy living in a studio apartment as it is in a mansion, as long as it is surrounded by its loving family.


Okay, so those large eyes always seem to be judging you, and the flowing coats give this breed a demanding appearance. But, despite their regal exterior, Persians are among the nicest cat breeds.

Because of their pleasant demeanor, they are the most popular cat breed, according to The Cat Fanciers’ Association.


Legend has it that The Siamese cat’s ancestors resided in temples in Thailand, which was originally known as Siam. Perhaps it was there that they formed their strong affection for humans.

These cats adore their family, and when they don’t get their way, they’re really outspoken about it. If it doesn’t work, their expressive blue eyes may be able to motivate you.


While the appearance of this hairless cat breed may turn some people off, its disposition is endearing. The sphynx can be quite the clown, vying for the spotlight with its antics.

While these cats have a lot of energy, they’re also known for being great cuddlers with humans, dogs, and other cats—often because they want to feel comfort and warmth against their soft, wrinkly skin.

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    • Cornish Rex are very good for people with allergies. That was why I got my first Rex. Very rarely had problems. I loved them so much I started breeding and showing them. They act more like a dog than a cat. I even had one that played fetch. Get a Cornish Rex!


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