10 Sweet Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend

When it comes to love and relationships, men and women often use different words. So, if you’re really into someone who doesn’t show it, it’s normal to wonder if he’s into you the same way or just wants to be friends.

How do you know what he’s thinking?

10 ways to tell if a guy likes you more than just as a friend.

He calls you instead of sending you a text

In a strange way, if he only texts you and never calls or messages you, that shows he’s not that into you. If a guy isn’t interested or just sees you as a friend, he might keep his distance and talk to you in a roundabout way.

But if he keeps calling you and talking to you on the phone when he has free time, he probably likes you. A man won’t talk on the phone for hours unless he really likes you and wants to hear your voice. This is so sweet!

He listens to what you say.

He always makes an effort to stay in touch. He sends you calls and texts. He replies to your social media posts. He usually likes your new personal picture first.

On top of that, he talks to you every chance he gets. He only calls to say “Good morning” or “Good night.” He asks how your day was and compliments you on your new dress or hairstyle.

When a man is so crazy about a woman, it’s usually because he’s in love with her. You should listen up!

He wants to find out the real you.

Guys who don’t like you might not care as much about who you are. But a man who likes you will want to know everything about you. As long as the talk is about you, he’s always interested.

He will be happy to hear about your favorite band or the troubles you’ve been having with your best friend lately. He will be interested in your family pictures and funny stories from your childhood.

He listens and remembers what he hears.

Most women like to talk for a long time, but most guys don’t. Some guys can’t deal with all the drama and rumors that women talk about. Some guys will often just act like they are listening when they are not.

But when they fall in love with a woman, those guys change. He cares what she thinks. He hears what she says and tries to remember it. He wants to know what she likes. He wants to know her favorite foods, shows, and sports. He cares about what she thinks and wants to find out more.

If the guy you’ve been chatting with pays close attention to what you say when you talk, he might really like you.

He is a gentleman in how he acts.

Unfortunately, not all guys today act like gentlemen. If he’s been nice and polite to you, that could be a good sign that he likes you.

He’ll do things for you like pull out your chair or hold the door open. He will offer to pick you up from work, and he might even offer to carry your heavy bags to the door when he drops you off at home.

He wants you to feel at ease, encouraged, and at home when you’re with him, and he wants you to like him as much as he likes you.

He calls you by funny names.

If a guy likes you, he might call you by one of your cute nicknames instead of your real name. When he calls you baby, babe, or sweetheart, it shows how much he likes you. He might also call you by pet names or make funny jokes about you two that are meant to make you feel good.

The last one might sound too direct. But a study on couples’ “secret language” that was released in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that the more silly names or made-up words a couple used, the happier they were with their relationship.

If he keeps giving you nicknames, it means he wants to get to know you better and is probably really into you.

He helps you out a lot.

If a man likes you, he will give you things. He might try to make you like him.

But this doesn’t mean he will always buy you very expensive things. He might do something small to surprise you, like buy you a cute teddy bear or pay for your drink in a bar.

He could also be kind to you in other ways. One of them could be telling you a lot of nice things. He could also let you drive his car, which is a big sign that he really likes you.

When he sees you, he smiles.

A Yiddish saying says, “Three things can’t be hidden: coughing, poverty, and love.” Even if he doesn’t tell you directly that he likes you, his unspoken actions can tell you a lot about how he feels. Especially when it comes to strong feelings like love or hate.

Notice if a man smiles at you and if his whole face lights up when he sees you. This shows for sure that he doesn’t care either way.

Smiles that are real go beyond the mouth. When his smile fills his whole face, it means he likes you a lot and is strongly moved by you in a good way.

If he looks at you with a smile every time you see him, that could mean he likes you.

He wants to make sure you feel safe.

When a guy likes you, he wants to keep you safe. When he is around, he will do anything to make you feel safe.

He will walk you home if it is late. If you are too far from your house, he will call a taxi and call you to see if you made it home. During the scary parts of a horror movie, he will probably hug you or try to cover your eyes.

He might even save the day by killing the scary big thick spider.

He is interested in the long run.

If a guy is making plans for you two, it might be one of the clearest signs that he likes you. If he’s thinking about where you should go on your next summer vacation or asking you if you want to go to a mountain cabin this weekend, he’s showing that he’s interested in you in the long run.

If he’s making plans for you both, it means that your relationship is getting stronger. It’s getting to the next level, which means he’s getting serious about liking you.

Men show what they think by what they do.

The way a guy acts could show you what he wants from you. If you’re not sure if the guy you’re interested in is interested in you, just being nice, or just wants to get in your pants, the advice you just read might help.

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