Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

The American Kennel Club (AKC) publishes a list of the most popular dog breeds each year. But, with 197 gorgeous breeds to select from, how do they arrive at these conclusions?

The ranking is solely based on AKC registration statistics from the previous year, rather than subjective categories such as the most loyal dog breeds, calm dog breeds, or best dogs for kids,

though representatives from those categories will appear on the list because those characteristics are why they’re so popular. Did your favorites make the cut?

Read on to see if your furry friend has arrived—or to locate the next cute addition to your family!

French bulldog

With your lovely tiny wrinkled face and bat-like ears, you had us at salut (that’s “hello” in French). But the Frenchie is much more than its good looks: they are all-around admirers of its people,

new people, and other animals. They’re also canines with few words—or, to be more precise, few barks. A French bulldog, being an attentive four-legged guard dog, will alert you if someone is at the door,

but it will usually communicate with you nonverbally and show affection with licks and small shimmies. We adore the Frenchie’s face,

but in the summer heat, short-nosed breeds require extra attention. And if you have one, you should be well-versed in the warning indications of heat stroke in dogs.

Golden retriever

If the golden retriever had a profile, it may say, “Hopelessly devoted to you.” Golden retrievers are one of the nicest pets to keep because they adore people of all ages and have reservoirs of empathy and compassion.

They’re perfectly pleased in a home with young, energetic youngsters, but they’re also one of the greatest dogs for elderly.

That being said, they enjoy being active and, like all dogs, require exercise, but they’re up for anything—long walks or backyard ball retrieval.

A golden retriever is a furry member of the family who is known for being friendly, gregarious, silly, easygoing, eager to please, lively, and intelligent!

German shepherd

German shepherds are associated with the following words: clever, protective, athletic, versatile, and active. Let’s add a couple more that you might not be aware of.

To begin, scent-driven. German shepherds are highly respected K-9 police officers who use their sniffing abilities to discover drugs and bombs.

They’re extremely intelligent and simple to train. And another word that will be more applicable to your situation: devoted.

German shepherds are also one of the most popular dog breeds because they love their human families and pet siblings unconditionally.

Did we mention how stunning they are? They’re one of the cutest dog breeds when they’re puppies.


One of the reasons people adore poodles? Their curly hair is adorable. Hair, indeed. Poodles have hair rather than fur, which may reduce allergy symptoms in certain people.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: those curlicues require some upkeep. Poodles should be brushed and combed every other day, and they should be clipped every six weeks.

They are, nevertheless, one of the sharpest breeds around, as well as eager to please, energetic, and loving. They are also available in three different sizes: standard, small, and toy.

If you’ve always wanted puppies that look like teddy bears, choose the small or toy size so you can simply scoop them up and take them around.


There are numerous bulldog breeds, but we’re primarily talking about the “English” bulldog, which originated in the British Isles.

They, like many other characteristic flat-faced dog breeds, are easily identified by their lovely wrinkles, “sour mug,” and thick bodies. Bulldog temperaments are laid-back.

They’re unquestionably nice, predictable, and trustworthy. They prefer lounging but appreciate short, brisk hikes as long as the weather isn’t too hot or chilly.

Bulldogs overheat easily, have difficulty breathing in hot temperatures, and become chilled in cold weather. They enjoy humans and desire attention, but they will not bark to get it.

They will always be present as heavy breathers and snorers.MORE FROM READER’S DIGESTIf You Don’t Eat Blueberries Every Day, This Might Persuade YouKiersten Hickman wrote this.


Originally developed to hunt in packs, the beagle has always enjoyed being around other dogs, making it a win-win situation for socializing with the other most popular dog breeds on this list.

They now like being around people just as much, making them perfect family pets. Beagles are energetic and have a literal nose for fun and adventure.

When they catch a smell of something interesting, they run pursue it and will most likely disregard your requests to return. They are also very noisy, frequently barking, howling, or baying.

What causes dogs to howl? There are numerous causes for this, such as they miss you or are sick, but beagles are frequently talkative because they are sniffing out a “story” and alerting everyone to what they find.


These guard dog types do not give off a warm and fuzzy vibe at first look, yet they are extremely friendly and loyal to their human family.

They are typically reserved among strangers, but this is because they are devoted to their family and wish to protect them.

A rottweiler can establish new pals through constant socialization and gradual introductions to new people. They are not happy to rest on their hindquarters as one of the brightest canine breeds.

They need something to do, whether it’s training exercises, backyard playtime, or keeping an eye on the youngsters.

German shorthaired pointer

If you enjoy being outside and running on the trails, the German shorthaired pointer (GSP) is the most devoted companion you could ask for.

GSPs stand out due to their toned bodies and unusual coloring and ticking, sometimes called as “fur freckles.” As you may expect, this athletic breed requires movement.

They don’t understand the term “couch potato”—at least not until the end of the day, when they can relax with their humans.

The afternoon regimen should involve plenty of exercise and open spaces to run and play. GSPs are one of the healthiest dog breeds, with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years and a low incidence of sickness.


Aside from being one of the most popular dog breeds, the dachshund has a tail-wagging accolade that you may not be aware of.

According to the AKC, Waldi, a dachshund, was the first official Olympic mascot in 1972. Even more intriguing, the Olympic marathon route was shaped like a dachshund!

While these adorable dogs with short legs will never run a marathon (or even a lap around the block), they do enjoy hunting and digging.

As far as companions go, they are one of the cheapest canine breeds and tend to be one-person dogs, so you get a lot of bark for your dollars.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

We now see why Queen Elizabeth II has so many corgis—they are adorable, clever, and affectionate companions with an appealing fluffy loaf (although the Queen may not be the first to point out their attractive butt, there’s no shame in that game!).

If the Queen’s approval isn’t enough, these adorable corgi photographs will do the trick. Aside from being adorable, corgis are low-maintenance dog breeds in that they are reasonably easy to care for.

They’re easy to teach and happy to be at home, though they won’t turn down a walk outside. Their short and quick legs let them to expertly maneuver the furniture while playing fetch and other games.

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