10 Healthiest Dog Breeds

Dogs, like humans, can inherit a susceptibility to particular diseases. Heart disease, cancer, orthopedic issues, and even allergies and skin conditions are frequently included in this category of medical problems.

However, there are dog breeds that tend to live long, healthy lives and are rarely affected by serious illnesses. Of course, every dog is unique, and even if its breed is generally considered to be healthy, that doesn’t mean your dog won’t ever get sick. Nonetheless, heredity does play a significant role.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 dog breeds known for their long healthy lives.

Tip: Your dog’s susceptibility to certain diseases may run in the family, but environmental factors also play a significant role. A dog’s health can be greatly improved through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and minimal stress. Talk to your vet about what it would take to maintain your dog’s health.


The beagle is a medium-sized, active dog that typically lives between 10 and 15 years and is well-known for its exceptional sense of smell and hunting prowess.

In general, beagles enjoy long, wholesome lives. Eye and hip issues, which are common in the breed, tend to manifest in senior dogs.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Hound

HEIGHT: Two varieties: up to 13 inches; 13 to 15 inches

WEIGHT: Two varieties: under 20 pounds; 20 to 30 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Close, hard, medium-length coat; colors include tricolor (tan, black, and white), red and white, lemon and white, and more

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 15 years

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog, bred for speed and intelligence, makes a terrific companion for energetic people. There aren’t many health problems common to this breed, so these dogs typically live between 12 and 16 years.

Their active lifestyle, however, sometimes causes problems in the joints and ligaments. However, rest, medication, or surgery can usually fix these issues.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Herding

HEIGHT: 18 to 20 inches (male); 17 to 19 inches (female)

WEIGHT: 35 to 50 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Smooth double coat that comes in red or blue-gray

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 16 years


Despite their diminutive stature, Chihuahuas are full of life and brains. These small dogs often reach the ripe old age of 20. For the most part of their lives, they enjoy excellent health. Heart and eye problems, in addition to patellar luxation, are a few of the breed’s potential afflictions. (loose kneecaps).

Breed Overview


HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches

WEIGHT: Up to 6 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Short-haired or long-haired coat that comes in numerous colors and patterns

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 14 to 16 years


One of the quickest canine species is the greyhound. The average lifespan of these canines is 10–13 years. They maintain excellent health all through adulthood.

However, if they eat too quickly, like other deep-chested dogs, they can suffer from bloat and gastric torsion (stomach twisting). This is potentially fatal, so keeping an eye on what they eat is crucial.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Hound

HEIGHT: 28 to 30 inches (male); 27 to 28 inches (female)

WEIGHT: 65 to 70 pounds (male); 60 to 65 pounds (female)

COAT AND COLOR: Short, smooth coat that comes in a variety of colors

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 13 years


Poodles have coiffed canines with an undeserved reputation for being pretentious. Poodles aren’t just smart, they’re also very active dogs. Poodles, in fact, have their roots in the role of hunting dogs.

Poodles have a longer and healthier life expectancy than many other dog breeds, with an average lifespan of 10 to 18 years. Joint and eye problems are possible, though.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Nonsporting (standard and miniature) or Toy (toy)

HEIGHT: Standard: Over 15 inches; miniature: 10 to 15 inches; toy: up to 10 inches

WEIGHT: Standard: 60 to 70 pounds (male); 40 to 50 pounds (female); miniature: 10 to 15 pounds; toy: 4 to 6 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Curly, dense, single-layer coat; comes in many colors, including white, black, gray, brown, and apricot

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 18 years


The Havanese is a small, intelligent, and sociable dog that originated in Havana, Cuba. It is also the only dog breed native to Cuba. The average Havanese live to be between 14 and 16 years old.

Although these dogs typically enjoy good health, some may be predisposed to developing hereditary deafness.

Breed Overview


HEIGHT: 8.5 to 11.5 inches

WEIGHT: 7 to 13 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Long, silky coat that comes in a variety of colors

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 14 to 16 years

Husky from Siberia

The Siberian husky is a strong, athletic dog with boundless energy, famous for its ability to pull sleds for long distances. It’s perfect for those who walk, run, or hike for extended periods of time each day.

These canines typically live between 12 and 16 years of age and are in excellent health throughout that time. Some are predisposed to health problems with their eyes or hips, but breeders have made strides to reduce this risk.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Working

HEIGHT: 21 to 23.5 inches (male); 20 to 22 inches (female)

WEIGHT: 45 to 60 pounds (male); 35 to 50 pounds (female)

COAT AND COLOR: Dense double coat; comes in a variety of colors and patterns; blue, brown, or gold eyes

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 14 years


Almost feline in temperament, the Basenji is a highly intelligent and athletic hunting dog. They make a yodeling sound instead of barking, and they groom themselves like cats.

The average lifespan of one of these dogs is around 14 years, and they rarely experience any major health problems during that time. However, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia are common in the breed.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Hound

HEIGHT: 17 inches (male); 16 inches (female)

WEIGHT: 24 pounds (male); 22 pounds (female)

COAT AND COLOR: Short, smooth coat; curled tail; wrinkled forehead; coat colors come in brown, white, and fawn

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 to 14 years

Border Collies

Border collies are incredibly bright dogs that are also very active and motivated. They do best when employed and can quickly pick up new skills, particularly those that demand a lot of mental and physical exertion.

Despite the fact that some individuals are predisposed to deafness and epilepsy, these dogs typically live between 12 and 15 years.

Breed Overview

GROUP: Herding

HEIGHT: 19 to 22 inches (male); 18 to 21 inches (female)

WEIGHT: 30 to 55 pounds

COAT AND COLOR: Smooth or rough coat; colors include black and white, blue merle, sable, and more

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 15 years

Mixed Breed

Dogs of a mixed breed are the offspring of two or more purebred or mixed-breed dogs. They aren’t necessarily registered or pedigreed, but they can still take on the positive and negative characteristics of each breed they descend from.

Mixed-breed dogs, on the other hand, are less likely to be predisposed to particular genetic disorders than purebred dogs are. This is because the gene pool from which they draw is so vast.

However, just like purebred dogs, mixed-breed dogs are influenced by their environments and are susceptible to diseases like canine obesity if they aren’t properly cared for.

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