Best Dog Breeds for Hiking

If you are a dog owner who takes your dog everywhere, having a dog with a similar temperament will help. If you enjoy hiking, climbing, or going camping, having a dog with a similar energy level and physical abilities is a good idea.

Most dogs enjoy being outside, and many, regardless of breed, make excellent hiking companions. However, in order to have a fantastic outing, especially if your dog will be off-leash, ensure that your dog can obey your directions and stay with you.

In dangerous situations, such as encounters with wildlife or hazardous plants, the dog must be alert.

Border Collie

The ever-popular border collie would be missing from any list of lively dog breeds. The border collie is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an exercise partner because of its intellect, work drive, and activity level.

The border collie’s intelligence and trainability can aid both hikers and climbers. Teaching it to hit the trails off-leash will be a breeze.

The border collie could be a wonderful option for you if you can provide lots of mental and physical exercise on days when you aren’t on the trails or summiting a peak.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

The treeing walker coonhound is a surprisingly agile climber that can readily negotiate rough hiking terrain if you don’t mind a loud dog on the trail.

Treeing walker coonhounds, like their hound brothers, are active canines with a good sense of prey. Because of its strong hunting instincts, you should keep this dog on a long leash until you are confident that it can be trusted around squirrels, birds, and other wildlife.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback may be an excellent choice for the outdoor enthusiast looking for a more rugged companion. African lion hunters promoted the Rhodesian ridgeback, but it is now a popular domestic pet.

Their strength and agility serve them well in everything from lion hunting to hiking and mountain climbing. Those who are new to dog ownership should be aware that the Rhodesian ridgeback requires a lot of socialization and obedience training while they are puppies.

This dog’s independence and aloof nature can make it apprehensive of strangers, and its strength is nothing to scoff at.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd, another must-have on high-energy dog lists, is a lively and nimble friend who enjoys outdoor adventures. The Aussie, like its border collie relative, is a herder with seemingly boundless energy.

Because the Aussie is work-oriented and enjoys a challenge, devising games to play along the trail will provide this dog with a well-rounded and exhausting day of exercise.

An Aussie, like a border collie, requires plenty of daily activity—one hike a week will not suffice. However, if properly exercised and trained, this dog will make you a happy dog owner.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Another dependable hunting companion, the German shorthaired pointer is a high-energy dog that is ideal for trekking adventures.

Pointers, like other hunters, thrive when given lots of activity and make excellent friends. This dog, most known for its agility and stamina, requires a lot of daily activity to keep it from getting nervous and destructive.

Jack Russell Terrier

If big dogs aren’t your thing but you still want a fun hiking companion, the Jack Russell terrier is the dog for you. The Jack Russell has the personality of a large dog in a small, 15-pound body.

He is high-energy, high-drive, and extremely bright. Because the Jack Russell was bred for vermin hunting and has a high prey drive, long periods of exercise, such as hiking trips, are a dream come true for this breed.

The Jack Russell terrier is headstrong and extremely bright, despite its small size. If not intellectually and physically exercised, this breed can become destructive. However, if you can commit to daily training and exercise, the Jack Russell is an excellent outdoor companion.

Miniature Pinscher

The tiny pinscher, or min pin, is another small dog with a huge personality. It is a lively companion for the determined, strong-willed owner.

Min pins are ferocious animals crammed into a 10-pound body. The min pin’s outgoing, adventurous disposition makes it an excellent adventure companion.

Though the min pin lacks the endurance of the Jack Russell terrier, its much smaller stature allows you to pick it up and carry it if it tires.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog, as the name says, is an Alpine native that does well outside, particularly in lower weather. This woolly-coated breed does not withstand heat or scorching summers as well as other breeds.

The Bernese mountain dog is a working breed from Switzerland. The Berner was developed to pull carts across the Alps, so it’s no surprise that it makes an excellent climbing companion.

Owners who are new to the breed should be aware that this breed has some inherited health issues, including as hip and elbow dysplasia1 and bloat.

Before taking this dog on a mountain hike, have it examined by a veterinarian to confirm that intense activity is safe for it.

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  1. I’ve had a Choc. Labrador , Miniature Poodle, Boarder Collie/Chow, Chow, Pomeranian/Schipperke, 2 Pomeranian/American Eskimo & a Tree Walker Hound. They all enjoyed hikes of 5 – 15 miles, but the best hiker was my Pomeranian/Shipperkee and my first Pomeranian/American Eskimo. And believe it or not, the best swimmer was the same Pomeranian/American Eskimo, who at 9 lbs. went nose to nose with my 125 lb Lab, but was more proficient.


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