Cat Breeds That Have Grey Coat

Cats come in almost every color imaginable, including black, ginger, cream, and brown. But there’s something special about grey cats, don’t you think? These cats, known as ‘blue cats’ because of the ethereal shine of their coat, which contrasts with a wide range of eye colors, appear nothing short of amazing.

If you adore cats with this enticing color, you may be wondering what grey cat breeds exist throughout the world. Discover our list of lovely grey cats, certain to captivate your heart, from far-flung places like Thailand and Russia to right here on our doorstep.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is one of the most well-known grey cat breeds, with its attractive dark grey coats with a glittering silver sheen and striking green eyes. With such a dense, luxurious coat, you might be surprised to learn that these cats are hypoallergenic.

This makes them especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The Russian Blue prefers to live in less crowded houses because it enjoys a more tranquil and quieter existence and forms close ties with its owners.


The Chartreux is a gorgeous grey cat with gold, copper, or orange eyes. They were originally sought after by furriers due to their extraordinarily soft fur, and it is assumed that the wool ‘pile de Chartreux’ was named after them.

It’s uncertain how long this grey cat breed has been around, although they were used as ratters by Carthusian monks near Paris in the 18th century.

They make excellent pets and tend to bond with one owner, but they’re also fairly content on their own, making them especially well suited to working pet owners.

Domestic Shorthair

Domestic Shorthair cats come in almost every color imaginable, including grey and grey tabby cats! They are not classified a pedigree because they are a mix of cat breeds, but this means they are less prone to the odd health concerns that pure breeds are.

While they normally have easygoing and lively attitudes, it’s frequently difficult to predict exactly what this grey cat’s personality will be like due to the wide variety of breeds that they might be made up of!

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair, like the Domestic Shorthair, comes in a wide range of colors. The most popular variety, however, has a dark grey coat and bright copper or gold eyes.

During the First and Second World Wars, this grey cat breed was nearly extinct in the United Kingdom, but happily, the remaining British Shorthairs were mixed with Persians to bring the breed back to life.

They have laid-back attitudes and are rather independent, yet they enjoy a nice fuss from their family members.

The Korat

The Korat, which originated in Thailand, is regarded to be a lucky grey cat. So much so that they are occasionally presented as a wedding gift to brides to offer them good luck throughout their marriage.

Many people believe they resemble silver-lined clouds because they have large green eyes and an ethereal coloring that makes them appear to sparkle.

This grey cat breed thrives on human attention and does not accept being left alone for long periods of time, making them ideal for those who spend a lot of time at home.


Nebelung translates as ‘monster of the mist’ in German, a mythical moniker ascribed to their magnificent grey coloring.

Their glistening coat resembles silver, and they are thought to be a long-haired variation of the Russian Blue.

This grey cat’s mild and placid attitude can make them appear reserved, but they’re actually quite lively and love to get up high to observe their surroundings, so make sure you have lots of cat trees and climbing locations.

Nebelungs are known for forming strong ties with their owners and like nothing more than a good fuss.

American Shorthair

Another variety that isn’t mainly grey but can be grey and grey tabby cats is the American Shorthair. This breed was developed to keep rats away from their owners’ homes.

It is muscular and sturdy in appearance, with a thick dense coat. They have resemblance to the British Shorthair because they were utilized to create the breed.

American Shorthairs make affectionate companions because they enjoy playing and snuggling, but because they don’t like too much attention, they’re a wonderful fit for busier owners.

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  1. Have a rescue grey kitty with unbelievably thick fur. She has a stubby tail, short little legs & yellow eyes. Wrong color eyes for a Russian Short Hair.. .Ms. Mouse plays tag with me, has a rough purr like an old outboard. Grateful to have this little character…..


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