Dogs Which Are Best for Kids?

“Everything I know,” author Nora Roberts famously said, “I learned from dogs.” She has a valid point. Dogs teach us responsibility, compassion, kindness, and attentiveness, as well as how to sleep in an S-shape around a hairy bed hog. pets may play a crucial part in instilling those qualities in children and guiding them to become nicer, gentler adults who also enjoy pets. That’s why some parents consider dogs to be a valuable member of the family—or are willing to give in to the continual nagging.

Of course, my grumpy old Chihuahua reminds me that not all dogs appreciate children or are interested in teaching kindness or responsibility. Of course, each animal has its own temperament and attitude, and training and upbringing are crucial, but some breeds are typically seen to be better with children than others. While there are no guarantees in dogs (or baseball), these breeds are thought to be some of the best for families with children if you’re searching for a furry pal to add to your brood.

1. Labrador Retrievers

For good reason, labs are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are loving and loyal, and they may be tolerant and gentle with children. “They require a lot of exercise (they love swimming! ), so make sure your family is up for the challenge, and a little extra room for them to run around and play in would be ideal,” says PetMD.

2. Beagles

They require a lot of activity, can be trained to do a variety of tricks, and are often really sweet-tempered companions. “Their compact size, short, easy-to-care-for coat, and intelligence make the Beagle an excellent family dog,” the American Kennel Club notes.

3. Pugs

“Staunchly silly and easily trainable, Pugs have earned a reputation as one of the best small dogs for kids,” dog-adoption website Petfinder notes. Pugs require regular exercise but are not as energetic as other breeds, making them ideal for city dwellers and homebodies.

4. Vizsla

These active dogs can run for kilometers but also like cuddling at home. According to PetMD, if your family enjoys being outside and is always on the go, a Vizsla can be an excellent friend.

5. French Bulldogs

Frenchies are an easygoing and cheerful breed. They enjoy playing and are easy to train. These dogs are all-around terrific friends who can be particularly patient with children.

6. Golden Retrievers

These lovable, fuzzy goofballs are the ultimate family dog. They are excellent with children since they are patient, good-natured, affectionate, and loyal. They are retrievers, though, and would fare best with families who can ensure they get daily exercise and a place to sprawl out.

7. Pitbull Terriers

They occasionally get a poor name in the media, but these puppies are smart and highly trainable, don’t mind roughhousing, and enjoy pleasing people, according to Cesar’s Way, the website for dog trainer Cesar Milan. “These pups are actually great with kids as long as you do a good job of training and socializing them early.”

8. Newfoundland

These gentle giants are called as “nature’s nanny” because they are smart, devoted, and typically pleasant. According to the American Kennel Club, Newfoundlands are wonderful family dogs. Furthermore, every dog utilized as a rescue animal makes an excellent family pet.

9. Boxers

“Patient and protective, Boxers love human company and are known as one of the best dogs for children,” according to Petfinder. Boxers are often good with other pets as well.

10. Collies

Lassie, in a nutshell. Remember when the dog famously, if apocryphally, returns home to tell that Timmy has fallen down a well? That is exactly what you want in a family dog. They are powerful, loyal, affectionate, responsive, and quick. Collies are probably best suited for families who enjoy being outside and can give their dog plenty of exercise.

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