Most Protective Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a dog to protect you, your family, or your property, some dogs are born with guard dog instincts.

The greatest dog breeds for protection are typically loyal to you and your family, very attentive, observant, and act obediently. A good guard dog is often huge, brave, and trainable.

If you’re thinking about obtaining a guard dog, here are ten dog breeds that work well as protectors and companions.


Akitas are among the most devoted dog breeds. This bold and vigilant breed was developed in feudal Japan to protect royalty and nobility. It is naturally cautious of outsiders.

Akitas will always keep an eye on you and your family. This breed takes its guarding duties seriously and will often do them with little to no training.

This dog will require obedience training or guard dog training to develop its skills. As with all dogs, proper socialization will be required to help prevent unnecessary standoffishness or aggression.

Belgian Malinois

Because of its agility, search and rescue abilities, and trainability, the Belgian Malinois is a preferred breed of police and military K-9 units.

This dog has a lot of energy and thrives when it has a job to complete. To feel at ease in new or unfamiliar surroundings, it requires specialized training and socializing. Every day, this dog must get lots of exercise.


Gamekeepers initially developed the loyal and brave bullmastiff to protect their game from poachers. Intruders may be intimidated by this enormous breed’s bullish appearance.

In reality, this dog has a natural attachment for its family, making it an ideal companion. The bullmastiff is a natural defender who requires organized training to strengthen its innate protective instincts.

Cane Corso

The cane corso (pronounced “KAH-nay KOR-so”) is a canine breed from Italy that was originally used as a guard dog, war dog, and hunter.

Trespassers are deterred by its massive stature, substantial construction, and deep-toned bark. The breed has a natural urge for protection. Its training should focus on obedience and honing its natural skills.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd, which resembles the Belgian Malinois in appearance and temperament, is another intense, active breed that is popular as a police or military working dog.

This breed has a strong sense of loyalty to its family members. Training is essential for keeping these canines focused on being guard dogs, just as it is for other protective dogs.

To avoid dread and anxiousness, you must socialize your German shepherd. This dog also requires about two hours of exercise per day.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher has a negative reputation as an aggressive dog breed. It is friendly, gentle, and even goofy with its human relatives. Unless they perceive danger, most people are not even wary of strangers.

With little to no professional training, Dobermans can often provide great protection. You may polish your dog’s protection skills and turn him into an effective guard dog with a planned training program.


The Komondor is known for its trademark “dreadlocks,” yet its white corded coat gives this breed the appearance of a mophead. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance.

The Komondor is a huge, muscular, and brave working dog that was developed in Hungary to protect cattle and property. It is affectionate with its relatives yet reserved with outsiders.

A proper training program can help mold its innate urge to protect. Socialization will be critical in exposing this breed to a variety of conditions.​

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Historically used as a hunting dog for large game and lions, the Rhodesian ridgeback has a strong attachment to its family, making it naturally protective.

This dog is a kind and dignified breed that makes an excellent companion. This breed does not require guard dog training because it has strong protective instincts.

However, basic obedience training is required to provide structure to this dog. This breed must be able to listen to and obey your directions.


Another breed with a reputation for aggression is the Rottweiler. This breed has the ability to be a giant silly lovebug one minute and a fearsome defender the next.

If you trust a Rottweiler, the dog will most likely be loyal and devoted to you. Rotties are typically wary of strangers until the dog determines that the person poses no harm.

When properly taught, this dog can make an outstanding guard dog. This breed requires socialization, structure, and a purpose to guide its daily actions.

Tibetan Mastiff

The ultimate security dog is a Tibetan mastiff. Nobody can get past this massive, watchful, powerful, and intimidating dog.

This Tibetan guard dog used to safeguard caravans of people and animals in the Himalayas from wolves and snow leopards.

Today, the Tibetan mastiff is relaxed around family, but distrusts strangers and may exhibit territorial behavior if threatened by a stranger.

Though not the most affectionate breed, this is a devoted companion who will guard you and your family. Structure is also required for this dog, which may be obtained through training and socializing.

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  1. All of these are good choices. My “boy” is a bulldog (Razor’s edge bloodline) After my wife passed away, he has bonded to me HARD. He sleeps right beside me in bed, and if someone comes to the door or if he hears a suspicious noise, he can go from silly to protective in a flash. BUT it is doubtful that he would actually bite someone. But, that’s OK all I need is time to grab my firearm.

  2. What about the pit Bull, I had one he was generally timid quiet and very friendly unless put to a challenger coming up with a growl and than watch out, one false move and down goes the instigator

  3. Great Dane can be dedicated couch potato but if there are strangers around he is always between danger and family

  4. How ya couldn’t put Llhasa apso is beyond me. Monks used them as guard dogs. Damm mine would kill anyone of those dogs you named if they came 100 feet near my wife ???? ???? ????

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha my ridgeback is a big beautiful baby and he would not hurt a fly – even if it were armed, dangerous, and about to do harm to my family. Thankfully I’ve got the bitbull/ruger security system to protect us and him ????????????

  6. Love dogs, these are all stunning animals. I have a 10 year old Pittie/Boxer, 95lbs and he is leary of anyone who comes to me door until I let him know it’s ok. You can not just walk into my house, we found that out when we hollered to a friend to come in and “Scarby” took ‘the stance’ of like…’What did you think your doing coming in my families home!’ We had to tell Bill to go back out and knock and WE HAD TO LET HIM BACK IN!’ Our Boy is AMAZING!

  7. The fact that you don’t have Dalmatians tells me this is not a very deeply investigated article… like literally got their notoriety for protection of horses for fire departments.

  8. If you have never met a Australian Kelpie you wouldn’t know how protective a breed could be. They will give their lives for you! Sad but completely true!

  9. I want one, of each of each. But since that’s beyond my means, i can’t decide which breed to commit to fir at least twelve years.
    Tibetan Mastiff or my favorite
    Komondor ❤️


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