Quietest Pet Birds You Should Consider

Birds are naturally highly loud. Wild birds call out to their flocks to let others know where they are or to warn them of predators. Still, bird species—and individual birds within species—have varying noise levels.

Although no pet bird is completely silent, there are a few that don’t make much noise. Some of these birds do not yell or scream, while others have gentle voices that provide inconspicuous background chatter. Here are eight of the most peaceful pet birds.


Finches are tiny birds with tiny voices, making them an excellent choice for individuals looking for a peaceful bird.

Throughout the day, they make pleasant chirps and peeps, and even a small flock has a relatively low noise level. Finches prefer to share their space with flock mates and are generally hands-off birds for humans.

They require a flying enclosure because that is generally their primary source of exercise.


Canaries, like other members of the finch family, do not accept handling well and require a large flight cage. Furthermore, these birds are relatively solitary and may fight if kept in the same cage. Male canaries are noted for their melodic melodies, but their small size keeps the volume down.


Budgies (or parakeets) have the same extraordinary capacity as their larger parrot cousins to learn to talk. While budgies enjoy chirping throughout the day, they cannot physically scream at the volume of a large bird.

These clever, playful birds can be highly friendly with their keepers. They need a variety of toys to keep them amused, as well as at least a couple hours of daily activity outside of the cage.


Tiny parrotlets, like budgies, lack the ability to screech like an Amazon parrot or a cockatoo. Even the most delicate ears will be disturbed by their quiet chatter and chirps.

Despite their diminutive size, these birds are full of vitality and zeal. To keep them docile, they require frequent handling and connection with their caregivers.


Consider a cockatiel as a pet bird that is slightly larger than a finch or budgie. Cockatiels are vocal, yet their chirps are rarely annoying, especially when compared to larger birds.

They’re also very good at learning to whistle and mimic household sounds, and many of them spend their days whistling their favorite songs.

Senegal Parrot

While many parrots are notoriously noisy and demanding, Senegal parrots tend to be calm and quiet. While they can talk and vocalize, they are less likely to screech than other medium and large parrots.

They are also pleased to simply sit with their favorite caregivers for sociability, however they do require toys and activities to stay fit.

Bourke’s Parakeet

Bourke’s parakeets are well-known for their sweet and calm disposition. They are most active and conversational in the early morning and late at night, yet their noise level is still low when compared to other parrots. While they are only moderately active birds, they prefer a large enclosure where they can fly.


Doves are excellent pet birds since they are not as noisy or demanding of attention as many parrots. These birds are well-known for their charming cooing vocalizations, yet some may find it irritating as the cooing rarely stops while the bird is awake. Still, for those who prefer a more laid-back bird, a dove may be an excellent choice.

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