This Is What Men Find Most Attractive About a Woman’s Face

A lot of women wear makeup, and jewelry, and do their hair every day.

Hopefully, we do these things because they make us feel good about ourselves, not just to be more attractive to men. This is especially true now that we know that men find women who are plain and simple to be the most attractive.

What does a man like best about a woman’s face?

The results of a French study called “Beauty is in the efficient coding of the beholder” and published in the journal Royal Society Open Science show that men are more likely to find a woman attractive if her facial features are seen as simple.

Researchers judged the answers based on what they call “sparseness and more generally efficient neural coding.” It seems that a woman’s face is easier for men to understand the simpler it is.

Since our brains tend to like simple things, this makes her face look better.

The study was done by a group of scientists led by Dr. Julien Renoult from the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. They wanted to find out what qualities men look for when deciding if a woman’s face is attractive.

A group of 169 men from the south of France were asked to look at a series of random women’s faces on a computer and rate how attractive they were on a scale from 0 (the least attractive) to 20 (yes, that’s a double 10) points.

Then, the researchers made an algorithm to pick out the things about men’s faces that they found most attractive.

When judging beauty, the algorithm specifically looked for a trait called “sparseness,” and it found a strong link between the two.

Photo: Julien P. Renoult, Jeanne Bovet and Michel Raymond

“A sparse face is one that is well stored in the brain, using only a small number of neurons. “In other words, it’s easy for the brain to figure out what to do with them,” Renoult told Medical Daily. “Most people with sparse features have simple faces with smooth skin, few wrinkles, and smooth contour lines.”

The faces of women that are easiest for the brain to understand are those that are more symmetrical and plain, with no big features.

Renoult said that this research could help show how important it is to learn more about why we think certain body parts are beautiful, how this idea changes over time, and what role it plays in choosing mates.

“We found that sparseness can explain between 10 and 15% of the variation in attractiveness. This leaves room for many other biological, cultural, and individual factors that affect mate choice.”

Who would have thought that a face that looks like a simple smiley face emoticon would be what women find most attractive?

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