10 Best Small Dog Breeds

Check out the list below if you’re looking for one of the best dogs for apartment living and want to ensure your pet will be happy and healthy in your home.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

That’s a mouthful of a name for a tiny beauty. It’s no surprise that their ardent admirers simply refer to them as “Cavs.” According to Ellis, they are exceptionally lovely dogs who adapt well to interior circumstances and locations.

They’re noted for matching the energy of their pet parent. The Cav adjusts to your lifestyle, whether you’re always on the go or a homebody. And, because they are a toy dog breed, they do not require enormous dog beds or kennels that take up a lot of space.

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And, to be honest, they won’t utilise them much because they are genuinely dedicated to their human and are happiest when they are close to your side. These low-maintenance pets would also make excellent flat pets.

Irish wolfhound

You might assume that the Irish wolfhound is an odd choice. They are, after all, around 30 inches tall (not including the head) and weigh between 105 and 120 pounds.

Aside from their size, their disposition is what makes them one of the finest dogs for small apartments. Wolfies aren’t going to get too worked up about anything.

They have peaceful, kind souls and are dignified and calm canines. The only time they might bark is if you unintentionally bump into them in the middle of the night, so Ellis recommends being careful where you step when living in close quarters.


The Affen is a cute tiny moustachioed pup-tart. They’re great for compact places, measuring roughly 10 inches and weighing ten pounds.

They get good scores for being a tidy housemate because they are a dog breed that does not shed excessively. They are curious and aware of what is going on in the hall or courtyard, and they may bark.

Your neighbours would appreciate it if you spend time with your Affen before leaving. “A nice game of indoor fetch or scent work will leave them tired while you are off for the day with work and errands,” Ellis suggests.

Great Dane

First it was a wolfhound, and now it’s a Great Dane? Although Great Danes are one of the world’s largest dog breeds, Ellis claims that these gentle giants are noted for their placid demeanour and will not be rowdy or knock things over.

They may take up the most of the couch, but as a considerate roommate, they will never complain if you leave your towels on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. They also don’t require much grooming or activity.


Greyhounds, as one of the fastest canine breeds, are ideal exercise companions for a morning run or workout in the park, according to Ellis. However, despite their Olympic-caliber track speed, they are short on endurance, thus it’s “one run and done” for them.

They’re extremely patient, preferring to turn the other cheek instead of showing their teeth if something disturbs them. The rest of the day is spent in silent introspection and gold medal preparation—napping.


Pugs are so popular as flat dogs for small spaces that their adorable mugs are frequently featured in flat commercials.

Their outgoing dispositions and adorable little mug faces will make them an immediate favourite with your neighbours, giving you both pals from whom you can borrow a cup of sugar or a dog treat.

They are neither very fast or passionate exercisers due to their small legs. Instead of going for a long walk, they choose to be socially “active” by networking at the dog park or a Wags N Wine event.

Boston Terrier

You want to lose weight but don’t have space in your flat for a treadmill. What are you going to do? Get yourself a Boston Terrier as a personal trainer! “They require exercise, so this isn’t a dog for a couch potato,” Ellis explains.

They’re lightweight and portable, weighing approximately 20 pounds and taking up less space than an exercise ball.

Unlike some of your previous personal trainers, the Boston Terrier is kind and affectionate. If such qualities weren’t enough, they don’t shed and are one of the dog breeds that don’t bark excessively.


Whether you maintain your Havanese in a puppy cut or the “show dog” longer cut, it’s one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever see with fluffy hair. To keep the coat tangle-free, any cut requires virtually daily care.

Putting a Havanese in a kennel is the same as destroying its heart. They were bred as companion dogs and are happiest when they are with you. Expect your puppy to make more pals than you.

They fall in love with everyone they encounter, including children and dogs. Don’t miss these curly-haired dogs you’ll want to pet all day for even more fluff.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus, like Havanese, require grooming, according to Ellis. And they will devour your attention as you brush and treat them.

They’re not huge chewers due to their small muzzles, so you won’t have to worry about losing your pet deposit due to chewed-up carpet or furnishings.

They are addicted to human attention, which makes them extremely devoted, and they will stay by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week if they can. If you’re afraid about leaving your dog at home while you’re at work, try these tricks to keep your pet happy.


Which Doxie will you choose for your home? Smooth hair, wire hair, or long hair? Even long-haired coats are simple to care for. The large body, short legs, and long nose of the Doxie are ideal for burrowing.

They’ll dig a tunnel under the blanket and snuggle up to you. This is useful while you wait for the maintenance person to repair the heat. They are “chatty” when they hear or see the neighbours, thus continuous training is required to reduce barking.

Their attention is centred on you as one of the most loyal dog breeds that will constantly be by your side. They may be wary of meeting other dogs and people on your walks.

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  1. The Morkiie should also be added to the list of small dogs for small spaces. They are loyal to their owners, hyperallegenic and require little space.


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