Cat Breeds That Love Water

Cats’ obsession with dripping faucets and leaking hoses is well-documented among pet parents, but what about the breeds that go even further? Some cats enjoy swimming in and around water due to their history as hunters and travelers, as well as their curious and eager temperaments.


Because of their lack of hair, the Sphynx requires regular bathing from a young age and, as a result, enjoys being in the water, according to Joan Miller, the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s chair of outreach and education.

The Sphynx is a high-energy, acrobatic breed that enjoys amusing its owners and needs human attention. The Sphynx is a well-behaved and clever indoor cat who gets along well with both dogs and other cats.

While the Sphynx requires regular water interaction to keep their oily skin in check, exposing any breed of cat to water from a young age will help them feel more at ease around it.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds and superb mousers. They are calm, obedient, and particularly attracted to water.

Cats mimic their owners (thus the phrase “copy cat”), and if an owner enjoys being in the tub or shower, they believe it may be fun for them as well, according to Miller, who added that a lifelong Maine Coon breeder even jumps into the tub with his own cats to bathe them!

Maine Coons, like many other water-obsessed cats, may be messy around their water dishes. To avoid spills, purchase a heavy-duty water bowl and consider a pet-approved drinking fountain to satisfy their curiosity without producing puddles.

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans have a long history of swimming and have adapted to their climate in Turkey’s Lake Van region by growing a thick, full coat in the winter and shedding its hair in the summer to swim and fish.

Because certain breeds evolved to rely on fishing for survival, many of them continue to enjoy swimming today. Aside from their love of water, Turkish Vans enjoy playing games and interacting with other animals and people.

A possible disadvantage of having a water-loving breed? Miller claims that they can easily learn to open bathroom and kitchen sink faucets.

“If they can, some will learn to open the faucet, so keep an eye out for overflowing sinks.”

British Shorthair

Curious breeds, like as the bright and amiable British Shorthair, are drawn to everything that moves, such as running water from a faucet.

“They like to see what’s going on and are fascinated by showers and will jump right in if you let them,” Miller explained. “They frequently’splash’ in water dishes and enjoy floating toys.”

Though not overly affectionate, the breed enjoys being involved in everything that happens in their owners’ homes and has been known to communicate by meowing when it wants something specific.


The Abyssinian is an amusing and lively breed distinguished by its silky, colorful coat. Abyssinians, who have green or gold eyes, are autonomous but like being a part of their owners’ lives.

Their lively, playful demeanor and fearless attitude frequently draw them to water, and in Miller’s breeding experience, they are outstanding natural swimmers.

Many cat owners forget that many cats came to the Americas aboard ships with travelers, settlers, and traders. They were kept aboard as mousers, and some Japanese sailors thought having a cat on board was good luck, according to Miller.

“Cats can see the slightest movement on the water in the distance and would react before a storm,” she explained. “They were considered lucky because sailors believed they could predict storms.”


Siamese cats are gregarious, social cats who enjoy human companionship. They are always curious about what is going on.

“They will be near their owners at the kitchen sink, playing in bowls of water, and in the bathroom, helping to wash their faces and brush their teeth,” Miller explained.

Siamese cats are born chatterboxes who love to converse with everyone around them and might become lonely if left alone at home too much.

Because of its popularity as a show cat and a pet, the Siamese has influenced the development of several modern cat breeds, including the Burmese, Tonkinese, Ocicat, and Himalayan.


The Burmese’s placid personality allows them to cope well with water and a bath. A breed’s flexibility, when combined with early exposure, will assist determine whether or not it likes water.

Burmese have a dog-like disposition and are people-oriented, lively, and have even been known to play fetch. Burmese cats are intelligent and easygoing, and they are at ease in a variety of surroundings as long as they have an owner to follow around.

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is playful and curious, and will play in the water while you’re doing dishes or even in the shower, according to Miller.

The breed exists in both long and shorthaired forms, with curly hair covering the cat’s entire body, especially around the neck and tail.

The Selkirk Rex is a loving and curious dog who dislikes being left alone and has been known to follow its owners around the house.

Aside from enjoying your cat’s affinity for water, prospective cat owners should do their homework and research important behaviors, medical conditions, and grooming requirements of their desired breed before bringing one home.

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