Top10 Dog Breeds for Small Apartments

Pay attention, animal. If you adore animals and live in a small flat! We have excellent news: Your little square footage does not preclude you from adopting a dog.

Russell Hartstein, CEO of Fun Paw Care Puppy and Dog Training in Los Angeles, believes that dogs are time intensive rather than space intensive.

That is, the time you spend with them is more important than the size of your home. “As long as you’re exercising your dog both physically and mentally, your dog doesn’t care how big or small your apartment is — within reason,” he says.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Because these dogs are so friendly to humans and other dogs, they’re ideal for apartment buildings, and their size is ideal for a small scale space.


Many people tell us that these large, lanky dogs are ideal for apartments because they only require a small amount of space and enjoy short bursts of exercise before sleeping the day away.

That describes my weekends. There are also a lot of retired racing Greyhounds who need homes!


Poodles don’t shed much, so they could be a good option if you don’t want to be constantly vacuuming. Just make sure to keep your friendly and intelligent poodle mentally and physically stimulated!

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are bred to be smaller than their normal Bulldog counterparts, making them ideal for apartment living (though both breeds are worth considering).

They have short hair that doesn’t require much care and enjoy lying around the house — plus, according to Hartstein, they’re crazy class clowns who are a lot of fun to be around.


Pugs are ideal apartment pets since they are little, eager to please, and may do well with a little inside exercise in addition to their daily walks.

However, if you intend to share your bed with a pug, be aware that they are notorious snorers.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus require regular walks, but according to Hartstein, they are more autonomous than other, more dependant breeds. They also tend to be on the calmer end of the range.


Beagles are the perfect size for an apartment, and they require very little care (in fact, bathing them too frequently will dry out their skin).

They enjoy being around people and prefer to spend most of their time at home, although they are also willing to go to the park.

They have a very distinct bay, therefore they need the proper training to avoid causing noise complaints in your apartment building.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

While the Rhodesian is a larger dog, they are also great for lounging with you until it’s time for training and walks. These puppies are also more independent and quiet, which will please your neighbors.

Bichon Frise

These adorable puppies are related to poodles but are much smaller. They are lively and require regular exercise, although they are not large barkers and do not shed. A win-win situation!


If you like large dogs, this breed is surprisingly good in apartments because it is so quiet and placid. They enjoy being sedentary and rarely bark. The only challenge will be finding a space for their massive bodies to sprawl!

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