Discover Your Astrologically Based Preferred Method of Expressin Love

Everyone has their unique love language, but astrology can help you figure out what yours is! Whether you want to know what kind of person you’re compatible with or send this to your S.O. as a direct hint to buy you more chocolates, your zodiac sign tells how to make you feel the most loved.


As a sign controlled by Mars, the planet of action and motivation, you are highly enthusiastic about all you do and, as a result, you light up everyone’s life with your Aries fire.

You want your S.O. to equal and maintain the same level of energy as you do, or else your attraction to them will fade!

The quickest road to your heart is through spontaneous dates, short experiences, or anything that shocks you and makes you feel unique.


Taurus, as an earth sign, you are known for being realistic and pragmatic, rather than lovey-dovey and flirty. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have romance in your life—after all, your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love and beauty!

For your sign, Venus’ energy is felt more in the material realm, therefore you value gifts from your S.O. It means a lot when someone goes out of their way to purchase you a little trinket that reminds them of you!


You don’t usually maintain others’ attention for long, Gemini, so when it comes to love, you need someone who can keep it!

Your schedule is hectic and constantly changing—you know someone cares about you when they can keep up with your pace and adjust accordingly, rather than grumpily insisting that you slow down.

And, because you’re more difficult to persuade, you appreciate it when someone can teach you something new, and you’ll stick around as long as they can keep intellectually exciting you.


When it comes to love, Cancer, you’re either completely committed or not. When you meet someone you can open up to and trust, you do all in your power to make their life as secure and comfortable as possible.

As a result, it’s critical that your sweetheart totally accepts you into their lives. You really start feeling the love when they return the favor and dote on you as well–you can do a lot, but only for someone who can allow you be cared for just as much as they care for them.


Leo, you adore attention! Any indication that you are the center of your partner’s universe simply strengthens your feelings for them.

A kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye, or beautiful texts throughout the day, will make you feel like king. But if your boyfriend wants to flaunt you on Instagram, that’s fine too–you enjoy being flaunted!

Before you raise a finger for your S.O. in the bedroom, you must take care of yourself (but when it’s your turn, you will blow their mind!).


You strive tirelessly to ensure that your partner’s life runs as smoothly as possible, Virgo. It’s easy to feel unappreciated for all of the work you do for others because you can be a little bashful and prone to putting other people’s happiness ahead of your own.

So you’re pleased when your S.O. takes the time to assist you without being asked! For earth signs like yourself, actions speak louder than words.

While traditional romantic gestures and flowery love letters are lovely, you desire someone who goes a little further in expressing their feelings. “Thank you for everything you do” sounds so much better to you than “I love you.”


A spouse who enjoys spending a lot of time together is ideal for you, Libra. You like someone who can intellectually match you and maintain an intriguing discussion, and having a sharp sense of humor also helps.

You don’t need regular plans–you feel loved when you can just be with your spouse, no matter what else is going on. It also helps when your companion encourages your independence and gently guides you out of your comfort zone.

You always want to take on the world as a team, but when you have someone who goes out of their way to recognize your own accomplishments and allow you grab the spotlight on occasion, you’ve found someone truly special!


It’s a serious matter when you let someone in, Scorpio. You expect the other person to be transparent straight away, but you take considerably longer to reciprocate their degrees of openness.

Without hurrying the process, your ideal spouse will be patient with how long it takes for you to emotionally commit.

It’s a difficult order to fill, but when you have enough love and trust for someone to be in a relationship with you, you make it the most passionate and intense collaboration of their lives!

You want someone to have a secret or complex trait, but it needs to be genuine–if they’re even the least bit superficial or artificial, you’re over it.


You need some independence in any relationship, and committing to one person can feel suffocating or frightening, Sagittarius! You want someone who will let you go on excursions and have free time anytime you want.

Even better, you’ve found someone who can take you on an experience that will outlast your hectic lifestyle. You’re the luckiest sign with the most ideas, and a practical spouse who supports your aspirations and helps you reach them realistically is ideal for you.


Capricorn, your sign isn’t always the easiest to approach. At first, your serious self-presentation may appear frigid or standoffish, and getting you to reach out first is rare.

However, if someone goes out of their way to capture your attention, you will rapidly warm up to them. A shallow flirtationship, on the other hand, will not survive long-you take things seriously from the start and will not invest in a relationship that does not have long-term value!


You don’t always handle relationships well, Aquarius. Others may find your detached personality threatening, and they may not be drawn to all of your oddities! But that’s alright with you.

You don’t want someone who believes in love at first sight and wants to be with you right away. Being best friends with your spouse is really essential to you, thus beginning as platonic friends may be the key to your heart.

As the connection develops and deeper feelings emerge organically, you gradually allow for more and more closeness. You want someone to be aware of all your complexity and quirks and accept them before they approach you.


Pisces, it’s no secret that you’re the most emotional sign, and your mood may swing from extreme to extreme in the blink of an eye.

You want someone who will accept you for who you are and your colorful emotions. You want the perfect storybook romance, and your romantic outlook on relationships is endearing!

Your favored expressions of devotion are a heartfelt love letter or a conventional dinner-and-a-movie date night. There is no secret to opening your heart—it is always open! You have a lot of compassion and love to give.

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